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    Aelius submitted this article:

    This is a slightly less serious article than the, “Why TKD Takes So Much Bashing” featured elsewhere on this site but it shares the same sentiments. My own personal opinion is that a little fighting knowledge is better than non at all (didn't Bruce Lee say something similar?) and, ignoring their inexplicable compulsion to vandalise defenceless pieces of wood, some TKD practitioners are pretty damn impressive.

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    I like TKD, like I said Hwang Jang Lee, Tan Tao Liang and Cassanova Wong were all really talented and cool.

    I agree, some info is better than none.

    I do think missinformation is worse than no info sometimes though.

    If point sparring developes bad habbits, its up to the teacher to stress that it is just a drill and explain how to respond in a self-defense situation.

    my kung fu eeeeeees better than yours!


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