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    Quote Originally Posted by Kungfoolss
    Fought off? I don't recall the Filipino's doing this in the 1940's with the Japanese and not without the American's help. Ditto for 1898 when it came to the Spanish, contrary to myth, sticks and knives don't win wars.
    If this forum is based on destroying myths and BS, then let's begin with the quote above.

    There's several books that document the Filipino revolution against Spain. By the time the US arrived on the islands, the Spanish troops were holed up in their largest fortress called Intramuros. They were basically already routed by that time, Spain had all but been defeated by the natives who were finally united against them prior to US troops ever setting foot on the islands. Spain's eurocentric face saving was to sell the islands to the US. The US didn't know what they were stepping into and was basically duped by Spain.

    And yes, the edged weapon was what the Filipinos used. There's documents and several books on this matter, detailing the fighting from FIRST HAND accounts. Written from several perspectives and from different cultures (Europe, Asia and the US)... all attest that the primary weapon the Filipinos used were their blades.

    If one were to read ALL the documents by the Spanish themselves, you will see that without firearms, they did not think they could take the country with equal weaponry. They greatly admired the fighting prowess of the Filipinos.

    It is a documented fact that the islands were won back through the use of edged weapons. Whether the Filipinos would have rather had firearms is moot, they used what was available and succeeded.


    You can also ask ANY US serviceman who was in Cabanatuan, Bataan and numerous other places in the islands during WW2 and they will attest to the FACT that the Filipino guerillas and scouts were integral to defeating the Japanese forces. When the indigenous people and citizens of a country you are trying to liberate do NOT support the outside forces - then half the battle is lost. You do not even have to look far into the past for evidence of that.

    One should realize that an ALLY during WW2 credits BOTH countries. One side or the other should NOT forget their contributions. BOTH the Filipinos and Americans were in dire straits from the initial Japanese attack.. BOTH countries and their citizens sacificed and fought bravely. It is not a one sided contribution.

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