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    Man that free flow clip made me jealous. If all my attackers swung at me with overhanded open-handed flails that are basically a locked out elbow and a twist of the hip, I would be SO set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lightninghands
    hahahaha, guy savelli is a retard, thats awesome, i would love to see some more videos of his bullshitdo. i have been to his site, he is just as bad as this joker!
    Yeah Guy Saveilli is an idiot. You should ask member IndoChinese (aka formerly known as Kuntaokid) what he thinks of him.
    Ghost of Charles Dickens

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    Guy Savelli is a badass! He can paralyse you and knock over donkeys from the next room.
    "Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities." Ė Voltaire.

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    En has the best avatar pic EVA. :5obsessed I'm mentally cheating now.

    These Matrix guys talk a good line... but their demos don't match the talk. Sounds like they've read some good ideas but can't figure out how to make their practice match their ideals.

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    Let's all cash in on the popularity of "The Matrix"

    was my first thought.

    Watching the videos made me appreciate how the delicate coreography was kept alive by the "assisting"

    Whether or not the guy can use that style for real is doubtful.

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    But he can use it for real!!! He Can, He Can!

    he can use it for real when people are in slow mo....what is up with the vertical guard....i truly feel I could jab in and punch him every time....the only thing that I am worried about is the imense static electric shock that he could hit me with...those uniforms seem crisp!

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    Fools! How can you understand a "MULTIDIMENSIONAL MARTIAL ART"? :new_alien

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    Watch the "Chess Match" video. These guys have no basis in reality anymore...

    Maybe they really believe it's the Matrix made real...? :hiding:

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    A.G. Matrix System
    Greetings to all martial artists.

    I am Al Garza. Founder of the A.G. Matrix System of self-defense.
    I would like to respond to those who had constructive, inquisitive
    comments, and outlook about the Matrix System, as well as, to those
    who had the opposite. First, I must say I am very embarrassed for
    those who shared comments which lacked even a fifth grade level of
    intelligence. To hear a martial arts community express extensive,
    negative comments about any martial art system, is very distasteful.
    Every martial art system has value and benefits, if nothing else,
    the conditioning factor. So enough with the kindergarten level of
    comments. You all should know better, and frankly, the martial
    arts community and I expect better. I will inform you of what the
    Matrix System is, what it is not, and my objective with the other

    First, I am sharing my system with you. I am not declaring "this
    art is better", but rather, here are some new information and
    insights to consider. It is different. It has new fighting concepts and
    theories for the martial artist. If you disagree with the Matrix
    System, you simply disagree and that is fine. However, I would caution all not
    to form an opinion by just watching a video or two, or reading an
    article. What you should do is ask questions. Professional, intelligent
    questions. What is it? How does it work? What makes the system
    different from others? Ask questions. Get information about it before
    making misguided opinions. When the Gracie's started in the States,
    most were challenging them and criticizing them for their style. A
    style most did not understand. Submission jujitsu was something new
    and unknown. Now look at what they have done with it. Yes, they
    proved it on the mats, but before we accepted it, we listened and
    looked at the art's system. We saw what it had to offer. Do not be

    quick to judge, especially if you lack significant information and
    understanding of the art. There was a comment which brought speculation to the integrity of some of the demo videos. Please be informed in no way whatsoever
    did I speed up my video demonstrations, whether they were demos of
    my own abilities or of my students. In fact, the demonstrations
    are some of my SLOWEST. I am 56 years old. My fastest demos were
    in my earlier years between 35 and 49. There were also comments
    around choreography. Again, please be informed it is not
    choreographed. It is free flow motion. Free flow motion is the
    objective of this art. To move with unrestricted movement responses
    and adapt (by learned movement) to constant and altering changes
    involved with physical conflict. One could ask, how is this done
    by your system? The Matrix System approach is to practice the
    defensive and offensive variable alternatives in combative movements;
    and because of the many strike variable combinations available, a
    systematic approach formula was developed. It is called the
    Response Calculation Formula. It is this formula that teaches the
    martial artist limitless defensive and offensive entry movements.
    By practicing a multiple dimensional pattern system (multiple use),
    the body learns multiple movement memory under the direction of the
    martial artist's subconscious mind. Much like a master musician
    who converses with people while playing their instrument flawlessly.
    This is called movement without direct, conscious thought.
    Another misunderstanding: a pattern does not teach what to do if
    they strike with a certain attack (technique). A pattern provides
    and develops natural, unrestricted movement responses to the constant
    altering and changing circumstances involved with physical conflict.
    Natural movement responses are also developed by the pattern
    development stages. Each pattern progresses differently by movement

    levels, scales, and modifications. In the first stages of pattern
    learning the student spends a year and a half processing and training
    in the entry-level arrangements. The student first learns the three
    pattern attachments. The first being the entry: the defender's first
    defensive blocks and strikes, or the initial offensive strikes (where
    the defender strikes the attacker). The second stage of pattern
    attachments is the Follow-Up (what follows after the entry), which
    usually consist of eight movement components. Then there is the
    Latter Movement - the last stage of a pattern attachment are the
    latter movements, or the finishing movements, or movements of the
    pattern. This is also the reason why we have so many patterns (over
    1,500). The patterns are taught by Series (twenty patterns make a
    Series). After all isnít the element of surprise one of the biggest threats to a martial artist, facing the unknown and the unexpected. And isnít the best solution to this issue, preparation by training for the unexpected. This is why the Matrix System has so many methods of applications series.
    What are Series? Series are application methods. A specific way of
    responding to an attack. For example, judo is different from karate,
    thus the application techniques are different (not better--just
    different). Each used in different circumstances with different
    movement applications. In the Matrix System we have seventy seven
    Series made of twenty patterns. Each pattern are specifically designed
    to integrate with each other at any given movement or moment. You
    could say less is better, ok. A fighter can be good with just a
    straight left and right cross, but what about the student who wants
    to learn more about movements and wants answers to different
    circumstances. Do we say less is better; that is all you need; you
    do not need the answers to the unexpected; and of course the famous
    statement, "You need to practice these movements for twenty years to
    master them. After that you can then move onto something different."
    Talk about boredom. By now after a year or so the student may be
    in trouble when faced with a situation they are not familiar with.

    For example, different angle strikes, distance, and tempo changes.
    When a boxer strikes, distance and tempo are different from the other
    arts. Shouldn't we be practicing our defense for such an occasion.
    Think of all the different styles of self-defense systems that are
    out there.
    The Matrix is a selection system for patterns.
    It allows a pattern to select from the method of application series vast alternative movements, levels directions, and various styles of executions when needed for adjustments, altering, and constant change
    Let me give you an artistic comparison on how the A.G. Matrix academic
    system works. Let us compare it to learning music by the cord and
    memory method. If you wanted to play the piano and you decided to
    learn a Japanese song, you would most probably go to a Japanese school
    and learn a Japanese song (movements). Let us say you then decided
    to go to a Chinese school to learn a Chinese song (movements). Next
    proceeding to go to other schools to learn other songs (styles). By
    now you would have learned a variety of songs (mixed marital arts),
    by memorizing music cords and the songs. This is called the follow
    me and do as I do method of learning. What the A. G. Matrix System
    teaches and starts with are music notes (not songs). One learns the
    scales, pitches, tempo, flats, and sharps. It teaches the exercise
    and drills to learn to read and play music. It then progresses into
    the higher levels by creating compositions, or to express and create
    (Jazz) music with natural, spontaneous responses to other musicians
    playing music (Free Flow). It is amazing what eight notes can do.
    It creates thousands and thousands of different sounds and arrangements. Each different from the other (over 1,500 movements in Matrix).
    One may say do we need to play that many songs. No, we do not, but
    if we can read and comprehend notes, it gives us the ability to play
    any song (and create compositions), by sight-reading (thousands of
    songs), Now that is not to say we do not teach a student how to
    play cords. That also has to be covered in its entirety.

    This academic art system is called a multi-dimensional curriculum
    (multiple purpose for each note or movement). The A. G. Matrix System
    is a combative multi-dimensional art form. In the A. G. Matrix System
    the same process occurs. The martial artist learns a higher education
    system by means of an academic program and a progressive curriculum
    Another "criticism" about the Matrix System was that we do not spar.
    We can not show all or explain everything just by a demo. Or else it
    would not be called a demo. It would be a seminar. A class. A
    training and lecture camp. Have some intelligence. In the Matrix
    System, we do not spar for competition. First off, sparring has
    competition rules: the can't do this rules. Next, a small stature
    person can not compete with a taller and heavier opponent. That
    would be suicide. That is why competitions have weight divisions in
    sparring; to protect the competitor. Also in sparring you are sparring
    with gloves, and sometimes without shoes. Try taking the gloves off
    and put on some shoes to see the difference in speed, distance, and
    techniques. It just changed sparring. Now it becomes a more self-
    defense fighting system (and so has the rules and the training method).
    In real life (out on the streets) we do not carry boxing gloves and
    hand wrappers with us. We do not take off our shoes. It is very
    impractical and inefficient. The Matrix System does practice with
    the gloves, but they are used for training drills. It develops certain
    skills, and gives the student the experience needed when facing a
    person who fights in this particular style (moving around, back and
    forward, and sideways). For self-defense training, the Matrix System
    uses certain drills. One of them is the four blocks and two strikes
    sequence drill. The offensive individual strikes four times in random
    strike choices, and the defensive individual blocks and counters back
    with two strikes. In the beginning the offensive individual's strikes
    are prearranged so the student can develop their blocks, timing, and
    distance. As the student progresses to an intermediate level the

    strikes become stronger, faster, and more in random order. Later as
    the student advances, the offensive individual presses the movements.
    This is when the offensive (starts slow and builds speed and power
    into the strike) advance forward with footwork (closes the gap) as
    they strike the defender. If/When the defender misses the block,
    they will get hit. How much more real can it get. Miss the block--get
    hit. Again, this is progressive training method. Mouthpieces are
    used and the students are well advanced and prepared. This training
    is developed from the very start. It begins with blocking the strikes
    from a distance and slowly develops to pressing their move.
    Does the Matrix System have all the answers: It has the formula and
    methodology to find and develop practical, efficient solutions. What
    the Matrix System has is new information for the martial artist who
    wants new knowledge about combative movements. As for my students,
    I presently teach private and group private (maximum 10). Most of
    them are in there fifties with over forty years of experience from
    all styles and systems. These are not kids in their twenties or
    thirties. They have gone through all the martial art facets, and
    are well recognized in the martial arts community.

    In conclusion, let us be mature martial artists, and end the bad-
    mouthing of other martial art systems. We are to respect one another.
    After all, other martial artists from other systems (looking at yours),
    could say "what a bunch of crap". A nicer word for BS. Think and be
    educated before you speak.

    Thanks for your interest, even if it was non-constructive with lack
    of information.

    Founder Matrix System
    Al Garza

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    Mr Garza,

    I appreciate your thorough and informative response. It has been a while since I posted my comments, so I had to re-examine your site and the things pictures there.

    While the vaunted immaturity of Bullshido is world-famous, it is important to understand that the underlying, theme and philosophy here is a no-nonsense, real-world, systematic approach to the martial arts in real combat applications. Most posters here expect an empirical, and documeted record of training principles and their results in an objective setting.

    Flip through a Black Belt magazine and count the number of instructors and experts posessing only anecdotal fight experience. Count how many teach "principles' and "non-linear" approaches without data reflecting the success of their individual philosophies.

    When someone is putting forth a new "style" or "approach" or "methodology" for fighting; we tend to demand (rudely, and with much insensitivity, to be sure) for some kind of factual, verifiable, non-anecdotal, and ultimately empirical data to support this. It should be noted that we are hardest on our own members when they are guilty of making claims without "proof." I put proof in quotes because it doesn't even have to be inviolate proof, just good, solid, data that can be verified.

    I pointed out in my initial post that your ideas seem to have merit, and that I approved of a system that promotes spontanaeity and improvisation. I stand by that. what I did not get was data. Do you and your students have competition records that reflect the success of your system (especially under rulesets that are not overly restrictive: MMA, Pancration, Muay Thai kickboxing, sub-grappling, etc.)?

    I understand that your system ws not developed with competition in mind, but it is the easiest way to acquire that oh-so-important unbiased empirical data. The ability to win against skilled opponents in a competetive setting lends instant credibility to your principles. People can argue the nuances, but you can always say, "Hey, we won, didn't we?" and shut them up.

    Or another path would be to show that your system has been successful with law-enforcement, military, or security people, who are required to document incidents and are generally expected to be competent fighters.

    I don't know if any of this is helping you understand the nature and attitude of our posters. The point is, Bullshido is not the place for politeness and courtesy. Typically, those things are the veil that bad martial artists hide behind. Ever watch a session of congress where they all call each other "the honorable gentleman from ..." when what they really mean is "You asshole...?" It is a dishonest veneer that insults the intelligence of everyone involved.

    I love hearing that Bullshido is a rambunctious collection of loudmouthed children who believe BJJ and Muay Thai are the only arts that are worth anything. (I study neither) It usually means that they said something here and got called to prove it, or demonstrate at a throwdown, and were rudely treated because they could or would not.

    It speaks very well of you that you responded with information, and not a tantrum (as often happens). Information is good. Just be aware that this is a haven for skeptics, fighters, competitors, hardcases, and (yes, I'll admit it)a few immature children.

    Stick around to observe, and collect data. (we ahve TONS of it here!) Prove us wrong about your system and you will get something very few places do anymore: Respect from us. If that is not of any value to you, than you can leave and never worry about us again. We are a tough, unpleasant crew. If you can hack it with us, you can hack it anywhere.

    Sorry about the length!
    And lo, Kano looked down upon the field and saw the multitudes. Amongst them were the disciples of Uesheba who were greatly vexed at his sayings. And Kano spake: "Do not be concerned with the mote in thy neighbor's eye, when verily thou hast a massive stick in thine ass".

    --Scrolls of Bujutsu: Chapter 5 vs 10-14.

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