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    Pavel Tsatsouline

    The stretching FAQ here gave me a wake up, where i learned i'm not actually trying to stretch the muscle. I brought this up to a very knowledgeable friend of mine, and asked for advice/a good book reccomendation to learn a little more. He reccomended Pavel Tsatsouline, specifically his book "Beyond Stretching" I bought it, and I read it. Today I'm going to put some of the stuff to work. From what little I know about human inner workings, it all sounded like good instruction.

    But the writer comes off like a smackass. The whole soviet thing is very gimmicky, hes constantly pushing his other books, and the book was more expensive than it should be. He sometimes writes with the attitude of one of those late night fitness infomercial people. So even though he does intersperse this with good advice, such as "you have to actually stretch, and its not always fun, but otherwise you're not going to get anywhere" the overall attitude makes me wonder about his integrity. Would anyone like to throw in their two cents worth?

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    I haven't read that book, but i think that if the instruction is good, you should look beyond the personality of the instructor. I mean, don't worry him being an a**hole, worry about the results you get from stretching.

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    Pavel's gimmicky, it's true, but his stuff's some of the best around. Try it and you'll see.

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