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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Last weekend, I talked to the guy that destroyed me at this Louisville Tourny. He seemed to be a really nice guy, very animated with an infectious smile. We were at another tourny, so when I saw him I jokingly said, "Oh no, not you!" When we chatted I found out that we wouldn't be in the same bracket for three reasons, age, size (he packed on another 10 pounds of muscle), and rank. That's right, immediately following his perfomance in Louisville, he was promoted to Blue Belt. I watch his bracket with great interest and guess what, he blew through them too. That's right, he was a Blue Belt for 2 months and he won first place. After seening that, I don't feel so bad about how quick he submitted me.
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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    My buddy Denis trains at the school your opponent goes to now, and when I mentioned meeting him to Denis and that he dominated the tournament, Denis said "Yeah don't worry about that he does that to everybody." Kind of made me laugh for some reason.

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