Okay, currently only one campus in the Penn State system has any MMA sparring, to my knowledge. I know because I'm the guy who does the scheduling for it. Currently it's not an official club because it's an ass load of paper work and we're all very apathetic about that kind of thing.

However, I do think the guys would enjoy some kind of throw down with new people. So, if you're a Penn state student at a campus other than Berks who has MA experience, or if you're at Berks and for some reason haven't heard of us yet, here's a good place to try to arrange something.

I was thinking anything from some friendly matches to an amature tournament between campuses. (all in good fun, of course)

Anyone else in the area can get in on this, but only students through the U and at other local colleges will be in a position where I can convince the campus to let us use their facilities. I'm just putting the idea in the air, for now.