Pankration Tournament - Southwest High School, San Diego on March 12.
Rules allow strikes to the body, takedowns and submissions. Some dangerous techniques such as striking to the face/head/vitals, spiking throws, heels hooks and neck cranks are NOT ALLOWED. Each match is 3 minutes and the tournament is double elimination.

The tournament is run with safety comming first and is a good way to test your skills without leaving to " Broken up".

Only amateurs may compete and we will have divisons for kids, teens (under 17) and adults. Weight classes will be determined the day of the event but generally stay within 12lbs. A cup and mouthpiece is required and gloves will be provided or bring your own.

Schools with 8 or more competitors get a $5 registration discount for all their competitors.

Adult Finals will be held in the evening as part of show with seperate Boxing and Muay Thai matches.

Event is promoted by Victor Beltran of The Boxing Zone. Contact him at: [email protected] or 619 429-8269.

Registration forms, rules, photos and videos of past events can be found at: