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    Quote Originally Posted by Aesopian
    Poking people in the thighs ends fights now?
    Sure. Well true enough a finger poke won't do much unless it's Iron Fist Pang (sp??) the guy who hits iron plate all day and has hands like ham hocks. But a good strike to the thigh will end a fight. Does anyone get real hard elbows in on the ground in a way that really influences the outcome? I mean other than in full mount when the fight's almost over.

    Watch the Andy Hug vids. There's one of him in K1 doing a spinning heel to a guy's thigh and the fellow just collapses. And that's one of the points of Kyokushin training, if you can break baseball bats and 2 x 4s with your strikes, think how much damage it could do to a body. If you don't know it feels kind of like some one slamming a hammer into you.

    And yes I've been hit hard... And no I've never even tried to break a basebat. I was never that good.
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    Well BJJ is complex and needs to be felt and trained with a qualified insrtuctor.
    My teacher explained it like this last night...he does a establish grip then you do a move. If he does 2 moves like grip and posture and then you do 1 move you are behind and will not catch up easily if your opponent knows what they are doing.

    A sweep that I like is after you break posture they will strugle to sit back up. Hold on until thay are really pressing and then let them up while you pop up for the hip bump/kimura/guillotine.If that does'nt work then grab a sleeve and collar pull them back on top of you for the scissor sweep/omoplata/collar choke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EagleClawChinNa
    hmmm, there are a couple, on the side of the neck, there's the pressure points and arteries that are very sensitive. and on the back of the neck too, those are the only 2 i can think of to hit to knock someone out. i cant really think of many more that would knock you out. unless someone is applying them so hard you pass out, but thats not from a hit.

    in a self defense situation if i was jumped on a street would i use them? probably not, i would jsut try to knock the guy out and get out of there. if it was a situation where i needed to control the opponent then i would. you would be surprised how easy it is to apply some. some arent so easy. so learn a couple work them, work your finger strength and you can do it. kinda like bjj with arm bars and such but doesnt require much strength in arms.

    sorry i really didn't make my point clear...i am sometimes foggy when i train clients early in the AM. anyway, what i meant to say was that i really question the ability to use pressure points that don't have an explanation for their mechanism in terms local anatomy. the majority of points lie near nerves or near blood vessels that have nerve bundles, which explains their effect. push on LI-11 to weaken a grip. also, some points on the neck affect the carotid sinus, which can cause a blackout. those mechanisms all make sense.

    what i am wondering about would be points that seem to have a distal effect, like hitting SP-10 (on the teardrop of the knee) to knock a person out, not to collapse their leg. with acupuncture, i can elicit effects with distal needling. but i think it would be much harder to have a distal effect with hitting a point. so i was wondering if anybody had experience with that.

    note - the effects of distal acupuncture can be at least partially explained by the nervous system, so at least in theory, it could be ...possible.

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