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    I've had a lot of problems over the years with injuries. Most of it can be attributed to the fact that I did not properly maintain my body for some years in the offseason of wrestling. I'd wrestle, do a little freestyle, and then relax and not work out on a routine or schedule for a few months.

    Here's a running tally: Right knee (ACL tear 2 times, MCL tear once, 2 reconstructive knee surgeries). Left knee (1 ACL rupture not a tear, 1 MCL tear, 2 severe MCL sprains, severe meniscus tear, cartilidge damage 2 major surgeries, 4 minor). Left shoulder (too many dislocations to remember, partial rotator cuff tear, no surgery). Right shoulder (3rd degree shoulder seperation, rotator cuff tear, broken shoulder blade, fracture of right clavicle, 2 surgeries). Neck, (pinched nerve, fracture of C-4 vertebrae, cracked vertebrae, one surgery to correct C-4 injury). Back, (herniated disc in lower back, surgery to repair). Right hip (broken hip and torn diaphragm. Surgery to repair both). Left hip, (Absolutely nothing). I've also broken each ankle once, had broken ribs, a few concussions, broken fingers, minor stuff in other words. :lol:

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    Props, Aeso.

    1. Yes.

    2. Knee from too many years of too hard of soccer, with too little time off when I hurt it in a riding accident. The moral of the story: Acute/trauma --> chronic, when not allowed to heal properly. Ankles, a shoulder, and a wrist on and off that I've never gotten around to having checked because it's "Just a wrist"

    3. Advil when any of 'em flare up, probably a replacement before I'm 25 with the knee, heh.

    4. Afro: I broke my foot after cumulative stress fractures from vaulting ( ). I still do it, but recreationally instead of competitively. I switched to MA - mostly judo, and occasionally bjj when I'm up for the commute and can fit it in. =)

    For the record, it annoys the crap out of me when people use injuries as an excuse for doing poorly. If it hurts that bad, sit the hell out and I'll feel sorry for you and wait on you. If it feels good enough to use, then fucking use it, don't complain about it, otherwise, see previous sentence. I cannot STAND whiners who are doing things that make them whine. "If you ain't gonna cowboy up, go sit in the truck"
    You're just JEALOUS!

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