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    I knew Frank personally and he is legit a seal. His martial arts skills is legit. He won the worlds i think as a purple belt and received his black belt years ago. He is currently under Pedro Sauer and is a certified Gracie jiu jitsu school under Rener and Ryron and the Gracie Academy per his website. His jiu jitsu and knowledge is unreal. His weapon, Muay thai, and jiu jitsu is real deal. As far as him training seals well i know all the seals i know today from meeting them in his classes. But also he owned a company Linxx Global i believe thats the name of it i think or something like that. And all they did were military contracts training differnet military branches on hand to hand and shooting. Also role player scenairo training and i think like corporate security but this was years ago. I knew him well back when he was younger and in the teams and he did some instructionals for a few differnet companies. The Frank i got to know wasnt a bragger or didnt even try to promote himself at all. As a matter of fact he would always be the quiet guy in the room and guys would always call him up to show things but he was very laid back. Real good dude. Last i heard he was retired i heard a few friends talking about him at a tournament a couple of years back that he had sold his company for millions and just teaches jiu jitsu for fun. Dont be fooled tho the dude is legit.
    I didn't read the whole thread, but it seems like everyone pretty much agrees that Cucci is legit. We know he's a SEAL, we know his BJJ lineage is credible. Which makes me wonder: why, as your very first post, would you be defending his honor? What do you know that we don't? Don't take this the wrong way, I'm not attacking you; just your motive.

    Welcome to Bullshido.

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    Another forum member sent me the link he knew i knew Frank awhile back. I was a member before but dont have access to my old email so....

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