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    What's wrong? You can't take criticism? Seriously, your videos suck and that's the truth.
    Don't take it personally because I'm only talking about your shitty videos and not you as a person.

    LOL! You are so funny that you are practically a joke. Talking about JKD, yet he gets all sensitive like a little biatch when someone comments on his cheesy little movies. LOL!

    Hey USAWRESTLER, why don't you make a video of yourself and show us? Or are you afraid that someone might say something that will hurt your feelings? LOL!


    Here's some advice Mr. Spielberg... if you're willing to accept people's praise and support, you must be equally ready to accept criticism and graciously. If you can't do that, then you must learn to do so.

    And you say you study JKD? LOL!

    And in all honesty, your videos really do suck. Maybe you should go to film school or something if movie making is something you wanna do.

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    You have issues pal, not small ones....Maybe you should seek professional help?
    Is it your intention to be disliked? Or does it come fairly natural to you??
    This is a forum, so it's pretty easy to ignore your **** most of the time, not worth the extra keystroke, but if your like this in the "real" world, damn, I feel sorry for your friends & family..if they still have anything to do with you.

    <img src=icon_smile_blackeye.gif border=0 align=middle> Sam

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