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    Advice on training/keeping fit

    Apparently I posted in the wrong forum before, so here goes:

    All right, this is my situation.

    The last time I took MAs was when I was like, six or seven at a McDojo for Karate...left after two years when I realized (even then) that I wasn't really learning anything. I went back around 10-11 to try a new Karate "club"...but it ended up being extremely poor. My test night (i.e. a night I simply showed up to watch the practice) ended up with the instructor telling me to participate in my regular school clothes, with no previous training whatsoever. The sad thing is, I actually outperformed a great deal of the training karate kiddies...anyways, I didn't join.

    That means the last time I even considered martial arts is a good seven or so years ago - well, I've always considered them (along with sword arts like Kendo or fencing) because I like to stay in shape, be able to defend myself, and compete competively. However, an extremely busy school, extracurricular and sport schedule prevented me from doing any MA.

    I've decided that this summer, I will have enough time to do a MT class at a WarriorWay school - the classes are once a week, for only an hour. I've been told that's rather short for a class, so I might attend a few to see what they do exactly. Warm ups, work outs, sparring, etc. I've heard from a lot of you guys that WW is reliable, so I'm pretty excited.

    But what I need advice on is my physical condition. No, I'm not fat or underweight or anything abnormal - I used to work out regularly for sports and I have a sports club membership. However, that was a good few months ago, and I've started to get out of shape. I can't really run like I used to, and my regular work out weights have gone down (regular isn't really a good adjective). Summary: I'm out of shape.

    Now, should I work out from now until I start attending the classes to be in shape for MT? Or should I work out starting when I first start taking MT? Or should I not really worry too much about my condition for MT and just work out lightly but consistently? I heard the drills that most MAs do include "warmups" and "workouts", but this probably isn't enough.

    Speaking of which, what kind of physical condition are you all in? I'd still say that I'm much above average strength, I'm a little over average height and I'm above average weight. There's not much fat on me, and I can utilize my bodyweight/muscles pretty effectively - but I'm no ripped superstar.

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    If you haven't been running lately, I'd definitely advocate to start running at least three times a week. 30 minutes is more than enough for each time. Some rope-skipping can't hurt either. Do those for a bit and your first classes should be a little bit less draining.

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    Now, should I work out from now until I start attending the classes to be in shape for MT? Or should I work out starting when I first start taking MT?
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    It wouldn't hurt to work on your cardio again, I mean what is there to lose? You can only gain. You'll get an extra few months of conditioning before you actually start to take MT classes. You'll be better prepared, it's a win win situation.


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