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    This claim may merit further investigation. Is your Judo rank registered with anyone else?
    Nope, just the AKF. A buddy of mind who's a legit usja black belt was able to get me into some tourneys, but the usja wouldn't recognize my rank.

    I should say that the quality of judo seems to vary wildly across the AKF, which is a sprawling organization. Grandmaster Kim himself is quite good, and I've seen several decent people from different places (janesville, WI comes to mind as having particularly tough dudes). Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of places want to train judo the same way they train the tkd, to the detriment of the former.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackbeltbymail View Post
    This art is a TKD, Hapkido, Judo mix. Anyone know anything further about it?

    Whoa, I'm really behind on things. Anyway here's what I know. Several years ago I combined my dojo with a Kyuki Do dojo as I'd been diagnosed with ra and could no longer handle it alone. The sensei was already a friend and shared the same martial arts philosophy. Three years later I sold my half of the school to him. His primary art is Kyuki Do but he has black belts in judo, jujitsu, hapkido, tkd and karate. I was instrumental in promoting him in some of those arts. His school has thrived under his leadership. Several other black belts of mine share much of the teaching as they did when I ran it alone.

    His Grandmaster is an extraordinarily fine man and martial arts pioneer. He was very impressed that I had a black belt certificate from Kwang Kee as he, himself, had studied under him. He eventually honored me with a lifetime Achievement Plaque along with an official uniform and belt for a promotion to shichidan in Kyuki Do. I consider it an honorary promotion since I never formerly studied the art.

    My sensei friend is excellent on the ground, throwing & locking as well as kicking and hand techniques. He's recently opened another dojo in a nearby town. This martial art is for real; I can tell you that.

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