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    This is an issue that will have as many ways to look at it as responders, but here's mine. I teach in an area with two four year university's, and I stand behind anyone who is striving to get that first sheepskin.

    School comes first for sure, but I also agree that you must not let that become an excuse to yourself. No one else matters, opinion wise, but you know inside if you are giving all you can to either, or both school and advancing in skill level.

    After many many years and seeing more folks than I can count quit their training at some point, it works pretty much like school does. If you quit either one before you finish, a very small percentage will go back and get it done, but the vast majority just stop at that point and that's it.

    Don't let anything stand in the way of your schooling, but if you want your training enough, you will find time for it. Remember the old business addage. " If you really want something done, and done right, give it to a busy person"

    As far as not feeling you are where you want or should be in class, I use an open door policy of you can ask at anytime where I see you in your advancement, and can ask to test and even tell me where you see yourself belted based on your abilities, but you also have to be ready to hear the truth about where I see you and why.

    Good luck with your training and good for you in your pursuit of your degree. That you will always be proud of.


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    My schedule is probably a little less hectic than ForM's (after all I'm a lazy grad student) but around the same hours nonetheless. Since class times are pretty restricted (we don't own the space) I frequently miss some classes and this has gotten worse as I've had to help some on wedding planning (helps with the old TMA tenents of selfcontrol etc.) nonetheless I still attend close to 5 hours of class, do outside conditioning most days of the week (must do more cardio, pant, pant), train outside of class and work hard at all of it.

    In my school we have a lot of undergrads (the class is taught on campus) lots of grad student (physics, ecology, chemistry ...). For those that are serious time isn't the issue, injury usually is.

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    i'm sure your instructor wants to better "evaluate" you with you showing up more


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    I will tell you what my Harakure Ryu instructor told me before.

    "The belt is just a piece of cloth, you can always go to martial art store and buy a belt. But you cannot buy skills. So forget about the DAMN belt and worry about your skills!"

    "I would rather admit I am a lousy student than say I am the best, because once you think you are the best, there is no reason to continue learning."
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