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    Practising them all together [in Submission Fighting/ Vale Tudo/ MMA etc]and seperately at the same time.

    Doing submission fighting/Vale Tudo is more fun overall imo, but it's good to train in the seperate systems too if you can. Fighters will often work on the indivisual aspects fisrt, then bring them together (but always practicing them together.)

    I train submission fighting and BJJ, want to start Muay Thai seperately too BUT I may just start going to more submission fighting exclusively, with no other systems.

    If just one or the other? Go for Submission Fighting / Vale Tudo.
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    Synthesis works ok but there are a lot of Vale Tudo positions you won't learn if you practice grappling and striking seperately. It's good to get a base in both or train both but if your going to compete in MMA I suggest getting a good coach or training partners.

    For instance you can't fight MMA using a MT stance because it wouldn't be to great if someone shot in on you. Same thing using a grappling stance against someone while striking.

    There's small differences that you need to know and practice.

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