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    Lol, I know Goulin won't except a fight! But, a student is another matter.
    And thanx for the offer peedee, I don't think I'll need that much though, The lady I'm trveling with has MT and JKD training. But I'll keep you in mind, And if I cant get hold of either, Know any schools in or around Amityville? Don't care if it's kung fu of tkd or what. I already know not to mess with BJJ, I'd get killed.

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    Wasn't USSD under scrutiny here for a while, but the whole consideration never got anywhere because everyone did the "ah ha they haev teh funney gis and kugnfu suxx0rz fukkkkkers" approach to declaring a McDojo?

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    Mercurius, yeah, there was a post, and no, it the argument wasn't as lame as most of the arguements here, the thread was taken down (guess why).

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    I don't understand why you want to look either one of these guys up.

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