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    Questions about sparring after having surgery on your septum

    Hello bullshido members,

    I was wondering if there was anyone on this board who had or has known someone that they train with that has had surgery done on their septum and still spar aggressively.

    When I asked my doctor about full contact sparring he recommended not doing it, but he admitted that he didn't know much about sparring just thought it could be really bad for me to get hit repeatedly in the head.

    I had a cyst removed from the left maxillary gland behind the cheek bone about 5 months ago but in order to get the cyst out they first had to fix my septum(had to shave part of the septum down on one side so they could move it back to the middle of whole area, basically was pressed against the left side of the nose area) which had been displaced a couple of times between fights and a meeting with my windshield.

    Thank you all for your time

    Now I will get back to STFU dirrrty N3wb

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    It depends on the nature of the surgery and your recovery I would imagine. From the sound of it, your septum is now less stable than it was before (do to some of it being shaved away). This is probably going to make nose injuries more probable, or so I would imagine. But, I'm not a doctor.

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    Or the septum could be stronger as it's been moved to a structurally more stable position.

    I had a deviated septum corrected when I was 16, I'm very thorough when it comes to keeping moving objects away from my nose.

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