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    The latest Martial Arts and related programming on TV. By the way, this is EST (eastern standard time).
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    Kung Fu Fighter (60 min.)
    Examining the past and mysterious present of Asian martial arts. Included: students train in the ancient art of Kung Fu at the
    Shaolin Temple in China. Also: the disciplines of Wushu and Sanshou.

    9:00PM - Discovery Channel - Friday, February 21st.
    12:00AM - Discovery Channel - Saturday, February 22nd.
    2:00PM - Discovery Channel - Sunday, February 23rd.
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    Way of the Warrior (60 min.)
    New World martial arts hybrids are examined, including American shootfighting and combat-ki. Included: how participants can withstand blows of considerable force.

    10:00PM - Discovery Channel - Friday, February 21st.
    1:00AM - Discovery Channel - Saturday, February 22nd.
    3:00PM - Discovery Channel - Sunday, February 23rd.
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    Nova: Lost Treasures of Tibet (60 min.)
    “Lost Treasures of Tibet” follows restorations to 15th-century Buddhist monasteries in the Himalyan kingdom of Mustang, a Tibetan enclave in present-day Nepal. “The Buddha says that everything is impermanent,” notes cleric Sakya Trizin, and that includes Thubchen, a
    royal monastery in Mustang's capital, LoManthang. Leaks from the roof are wreaking havoc on artwork on the walls (which also haven't been cleaned in centuries). Restoration techniques similar to those used in the Vatican's Sistine Chapel are applied by a team led by British
    architect John Sanday, who worked on restorations at Angkor Wat. But local residents don't trust the Westerners' motives.

    2:00AM - Channel 2 (WGBH) Saturday, February 22nd.
    3:00PM - Channel 2 (WGBH) - Tuesday, February 25th.
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    Buddhist Fist
    An early classic by the legendary YUEN WO PING, director of Iron Monkey and action director for the Hollywood hit The Matrix, THE BUDDHIST FIST is the story of two orphans who are raised separately by Shaolin monks and trained in lethal art of the Buddhist Fist. Fate reunites them after a series of attacks at the monastery, and a surprise revelation leads to a duel to the death between the two brothers. Packed with furious fight scenes expertly choreographed by Yuen Wo Ping and presented in its original wide screen glory, THE BUDDHIST FIST is good old-fashion kung fu fighting at its very best!

    10:00PM - International Channel (INT'L) - Saturday, February 22nd.
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    Karate: U.S. Empty-Hand Forms (30 min.)
    U.S. Empty-hand Forms competition in Orlando.

    12:00AM - ESPN2 - Saturday, March 1st.
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    Karate: Power Breaking Championships (30 min.)
    World Power Breaking Championships in Orlando.

    2:00AM - ESPN2 Sunday, March 2nd.
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    forms competition? personally i am not excited by forms


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    I just watched "Way of the warrior" total bullshit. They had a large "harvard educated" fat man telling the camera that the samurai used aikido for hand to hand combat. Oh wait, aikido was made in 1942. I would have expected more than that from the discovery channel. They failed to do some simple background research.


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