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    Quote Originally Posted by Boyd
    And yet you still can't afford real BJJ lessons.
    I can afford anything I choose to. I choose not to nutride the current BJJ trend. I like my Karate club just fine, thanks.

    Good luck with your connection problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boyd
    Comcast is receiving something from me; according to them, everything is hooked up properly. But my school doesn't have a network, I just brought it over to do some editing. What else do you think it could be? Also, where could I get the network settings our computers, and what exactly would be the relevant information?
    Comcast is likely receiving traffic from your brother if you are both using a router.

    You want the following from both computers:
    IP Address
    Subnet Mask
    Default Gateway
    DNS servers (if any)

    For wireless networks:
    WEP/WPA key

    The locations are different for every version of Windows and MacOS (and I don't know the Mac locations, but TBM posted them earlier). I can specify them for all the variations after I hand in my work this afternoon Basically, you want to find the settings on your stepbrother's computer and see how yours are different.

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    Do you have an airport past the router? We had some trouble at work with the airport trying to take over and function as the router. I can't remember the technical description for the problem, but in our case it was a matter of changing a setting with the airport.

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