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    Donovan McNabb judo throw

    I'm not watching the Superbowl halftime show (U2's performance a few years ago was tops, and I haven't had any interest since then) so I figured I'd put something up fast before they reshow the Ortiz vs. Liddell UFC fight on Fox Sports NE.

    It looked to me like McNabb put a good judo throw on an oncoming Pats rusher during one of the early plays in the first quarter - the one where an interception was overturned. A quick description: A single defenseman lunges for McNabb, and the QB drops to one knee, twists and throws the defender over his shoulder. Pretty nice. The drop to the knee was what made the refs overturn the interception that McNabb threw right afterward.

    I wonder how well a good NFL lineman (or QB McNabb for that matter) would fare in MMA?

    Anyhow, just a fun little post for Superbowl Sunday. It's here under the Combat Sports section 'cause I consider pro football a combat sport today!

    Go Pats.

    I realized it seems a bit rude to try and start a thread without any intro to myself. My profile gives the basics: I'm in the Boston area, and I train in Muay Thai at a great gym (IMO). I finally had the time and means to get into martial arts sometime last year, and I contacted a local guy who used to teach Kenpo around here. I just cold turkey called him, and he turned out to be a very cool and honest person, who suggested that I look into a combo of kickboxing (the "more traditional type" by which I think he meant muay thai) and grappling. So I searched around and found a gym close to me. I found this board during some of my initial online searching, and after reading/aborbing some things, I realize how fortunate I was to have an experienced MAist steer me towards a good school, out of all the other kinds of places I could have gone.

    This board is a hoot. I read a lot more than I post, as you can tell from my post count, but I wouldn't mind dropping by a throwdown if another one is ever arranged in the Boston area.

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