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    The Ultimate McDojo Get Rich Quick scheme

    Do you own a McDojo?

    Not making enough $$$ with tae-bo?

    Feel weird in your ninja outfit?

    Would you like to increase profits coming from your current students?

    Would you like to teach people to defend themselves in 1 easy weekend?

    Contact a man who could be referred to as the PT Barnum of Martial arts Mr. Tom Patire and learn to teach CDT. You have your students (suckers), he has you (suckers) if you read his ads he quotes profits made by instructors that I highly doubt anybody could show cash receipts for. And as PT Barnum would say if you believe the ad and that the techniques work then one really is born every minute.

    Working much the same way as any pyramid scheme your profits are based on how many new people you can certify. In only one 5 day 45 hour course (if you are willing to pay the fees involved) you too can become a LICENSED TACTICAL MASTER INSTRUCTOR and can certify others.

    As long as you meet your monthly quota of registration fees to the home office you are an instructor in good standing you can cash in on this bonanza. There is a course for everybody from Police officers and Businessmen to the latest scam making the airways safe from terrorism. The basic tenant of all programs is protection from liability. Tom even claims to testify on your behalf if you happen to hurt someone (and everyone knows Tom is a man of his word). He can make this unusual claim because he knows the techniques taught would not work against a living-breathing attacker. You may get maimed or killed attempting the techniques BUT YOU WILL NOT BE SUED.

    If you run a police department or airline remember employees are easily replaced but retaining lawyers and paying judgments is expensive CDT makes it possible to avoid the costs.

    The man behind CDT Mr. Tom Patire has a resume rivaling that of another famous martial artist Frank Dux in fact I wouldn’t doubt he thinks Hollywood is about to make a movie about his life. And of course just like Frank’s tale Blood sport Tom’s story is completely true because he says it is and has testified in court (and everyone knows Tom is a man of his word) .He began his quest for greatness with claims to be a Seventh Degree Black Belt and Grand Master of all Hom-Do schools around the world.

    According to Mr.Patire Hom-do is a super secret elite combat art. In various writings Mr Patire has given several versions of the Hom-do history the most popular being a Korean martial art from the Philippines. There have been published various incarnations of this tale of how it got to him the best being that his teacher was a secret Delta team operator he was so classified that the name was not even allowed to be discussed in public.

    Along with various histories of the art Mr Patire has had several timelines for his training. In Various Timelines Mr. Patire was studying overseas in the Philippines during his years in Lodi high school and college. As we have already established Mr Patire is a man of his word so it was probably during the weekends.

    Mr Patire has always been unwilling to answer even the most basic questions on Homdo with anything other than it was a super secret jungle art used for killing.

    Obviously frustrated that there were those that dare question his lineage Mr Patire created decided to create his new money making (martial) system CDT and built it around the concept of avoiding legal liability. He says you will not hurt your opponent, and that it works in real situation and is banking on people wanting an easy way out and not realizing if you can’t hurt someone it won’t work in real conflict.

    A marketing plan was needed and in having learned from Homdo that the black bag operation concept sells to Joe average we then hit pay dirt. Get certified by any organization willing to sell certification, dress in Black Paramilitary garb, associate with any military/security type willing to allow his name to be associated with his. Trade off
    With any “famous “ martial art figure willing to trade their credibility for money a making opportunity and the students (suckers) will come running

    I have read the excellent how to spot a VTG and Virtual sensei and would swear that the material was used step by step in laying out Mr Patire’s Martial Career.

    The above is actually my satirical impression of Mr.Patire after my brief Quest to get a few basic questions on Homdo answered. He responds with veiled threats and attempts at intimidation. If he would answer the simplest questions below I would have to admit that my impressions of him and his organization are wrong.

    I read an article written by Mr Patire in a magazine for school owners (that he advertises very heavily in) he encourages people to ask question of instructors, question lineage and insist on verification of facts yet gets insulted when held to the same standards he wants for others.

    Our exchange is on a wonderful Internet forum if you wish to see the genesis of this article.

    So far all I have gotten is 2 unverifiable names and 1 basically honorary black belt

    1----- I would like to know how we could contact R.S. Stantin and Sam Kayes about the history of Homdo and their lineage for verification that the art exists. I would also like to get a timeline of when they were in the Philippines as I know people in both Cebu and Korea and there is no history in either country of the art.
    2---- I have read much material written by yourself and would like to try to get a timeline of your early martial arts career. Who did you train Aikido under, what was his rank and his lineage and your final rank. When did you train Homdo in the Philippines itself and when and where in the US (what years) as in the histories I have read previously your martial arts timeline and your educational resume have a number of discrepancies i.e. in high school at the same time as training in overseas.
    3----Are there any Homdo instructors trained by your teachers who were not your direct students and how might they be contacted.
    4. ----What legal cases have you actually testified as an expert witness in

    It seems Mr Patire prefers private email so he can avoid public scrutiny I would appreciate it if people cut and paste my questions and add a few of there own and ask him via email. He has told us in his writings that a reputable instructor would be more than willing to answer questions like these.

    Mr.Patire’s email -------- [email protected]
    His website----------------- www.cdt-training.com

    I only ask for the truth about Hom-do if he answers I look the fool

    Mike S.

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    Tom Patire is one of the Best Martial artists in the World.
    he does not need to answer your Bloosheeet Questions.Cdt does make him money, it is a very effective self defense system.People get what they pay for with it.Patire runs his Hom-do school about as hardcore as u can get.He could waterdown Hom-do and make a ton of money, but decides not to.I have Seen the effective use of Hom-do in street situations first hand.Who really cares about where it came from,what part of korea?who taught it first?Do u want to study it?Anyway it is my understanding that it is very similar to hwarang do(joo bang lee)
    if u know anything about that style,u would know that it has many aspects,joint locks,fancy kicks,weapons like ,sword,staff ,short sticks. Hom-do is centered around pressure points, joint locks,kempo like striking patterns,jap.jiu-jitsu throws.weapons are knife ,gun ,clubs defense /offense. In order to recive a Blackbelt in Hom-Do u need to know how to fire a hand gun(not many mcdojos do that I'm sure) Tom Patire is no fraud ,and I'm sure if u talked to him face to face he would prove it

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    I am skeptical of Mr. Parire's claims and in an article in MA Sucess magazine he stated questioning people making outlandish claims is not only acceptable but he crecomends it. I am holdin him up to his own standards.

    I have NO interest in studying with Mr Patire.

    So you would not care if his background was a pack of lies.

    I find it very interesting that the name of Hwa rand do gets dropped concerning this. If you are interested in using Hwa rang do in support you may want to do some research on that art also.
    Track down some of the interviews from years ago and talk to some of the first generation practitiors like Eric Remmen, Randy Wanner etc.

    a case of one fantasy supporting another

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    You left out the name Bob Duggan in the early hwrang do USA people
    Anyway the only reason I posted is to share My view on Hom-Do.I am curious As to you, how do you define hardcore?I define it as realistic training,Getting hit hard during the classes,street or ring effective tech.Which Patire Hom-do clases provide, Do you train?
    As far as the Patires background I know for a fact that he is/was nj state certified by the police training commision.And has taught Federal law enforcement F.B.I. D.E.A. A.T.F. I was there Training them too.I saw it fist hand take care ..Bill

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    Pardon me while I LMAO. :D

    It doesn't take much to get certified. It really doesn't. Neither does it take much in the way of credentials or ABILITY to teach a federal program. Who knows if Patire is legit? Who knows if nijaboy28 is legit? (Uh, huh. Sure....)

    Say, do you want to buy some ocean-front property in New Mexico?

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    Karate, Wrestling
    I don't know about ocean-front property in New Mexico, but I could sure go for some surplus equipment from the Swiss Navy.

    And that's what I call REAL Ultimate Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    "The morning glory blooms for an hour. It differs not at heart from the giant pine, which lives for a thousand years."

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    Sheol, u are right about the lack of ability with alot of the dt instructors from many police academies.I far is me being legit I have nothing to prove,but if your really interested about me email me [email protected],I will provide certifications as to my police training cert.
    I was certified 1995-2001, I no longer do any offical police training.oh yea how much for that shore front property?Is there parking?

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    Mike(me),I am not a spokesperson for Tom,I will speak about Hom-Do Which In ,my opinion is a very hardcore style,I agree with you that training in hom-do is self defense in nature,its not full contact fighting.I do not agree with someone saying that a person needs only to train in full contact sparring to learn self defense. If you did not SEE fully resisting opponents in his class,that explains it-you need to feel it.Its very easy to watch a martial arts class and say THAT WOULDN'T WORK ON ME. I don't know all the history on the style -I don't care.I do know that the style is effective.,and that Tom is a great teacher. Lets meet I would be happy to demostrate
    how well the tech. work.(this is not a challange)
    The little Hom-do I know I'm sure would leave an impression,let me know Dude ..Bill


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