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Thread: Tank Abbott

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    Oh, and PS -- I like the Pride 10x5x5 minute rounds better, like some of you say, get it as realistic as possible...

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    Tanked didn;t gas out against Vitor Belfort - that was skill against brute force.

    Champ more than once? He never won the a UFC contest...(???) he ususally wins by chance (that includes the chance of having a terrible oppnent that doesn't stand a chance), only once or twice with actual skill imo.

    Ian Freeman (admittedly one of my favorite heavyweights) would have a very difficult time NOT beating Tank within the first two minutes. It'll take Mir longer I think, but I bet he has much better cardio and I even honestly think Mir can out punch and kick Abbott: The fact is he probabaly won't - he'll go for a submission and end it earlier...

    But if he is in excellent shape then I'll be the one who's suprized - but compared to Mir I doubt it, he'll beat Tan Fairly easily: though if Tank does win I wont't be annoyed because he's one of the best old-skool fighters definitely (showed that you don't need much skill to overcome people, especially the TMAists who fought in the UFC then..)
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