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    Quote Originally Posted by AFS
    the harder the gi the better.
    I starch them before competition.
    Yeah. You should be able to stand your gi on end and it should stay that way. Also, you should be getting bloody scrapes on your hands whenever your soft pink skin comes into contact with your asphault textured gi.

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    Atamas are notoriously rough. If you want a soft gi then get a goldweave.

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    Put it in the drier with a bunch of rocks.

    Preferrably not your own drier.

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    Tennis balls

    (No, no, not an early stage of beer nuts.)

    Try putting your Gi in the drier with a bunch of tennis balls on low or no heat and just let it run for a while. Works like rocks, but without damaging the drier.

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    Why did you buy a thick double double weave?
    If you dont like stiff training Gis

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    Quote Originally Posted by supercuto
    OK, so I have a double weave, jiu-jitsu gi made by Atama. Its about 3 months old. I wash it twice a week, after each class. The damn thing still feels stiff as a board. I use fabric softener in the washer and I add fabric softener sheets in the dryer.

    Anyone have any ideas how I can soften up my gi?
    i was under the impression that the stiffness is why you by a double weave making it harder to grab and keep hold of(almost like grabbing 100 grit sand paper). if you dont like stiff gi's get a single weave for summer weave but also if your a big guy the douoble will last longer as it resist tears better.
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