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    So I'm watching TV last night and saw this advertisement for CDT. Now don't get me wrong I don't know enough about this training to say how good it is. A friend of mine showed me some of the stuff and it looked like a few things you could show your friends at a party but I'd hardly call it a great self defense system. Anybody want to elaborate?

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    The techniques I have seen have not impressed me to any extent......

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    I would say their techniques are along the line of slightly modified aiki-juijitsu, hapkido and aikido. Probably work well enough against a moderately agressive and partially resisting opponent but anything more serious than that, you are better off relying on a more aggressive system/MA. Small joint manipulations & pressure points tend to look and feel impressive on demonstration but most tend to fall short when it comes to real-life situation practicality, especially in against a highly agressive opponent or those under the influence of substances. Even simple adreneline in combination with constant movement in resistance can render most pressure points and small joint manipulations useless.


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