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    Quote Originally Posted by justA black guy
    Did i state last year! No, I sad that they have one year on their contract, renewal is not possible.

    Tell me this, where in the hell is Smackdown supposed to go?

    Ted Turner has Vince's number, so that rules out anything Turner related; TNT, TBS ect.

    This is good for MMA, because Pro Wrestling is MMA's competition. There are a lot of fools out here who believe MMA and pro wrestling is one of the same. So once pro wrestling fades into oblivion all the confusion will subside and everyone will concentrate on real fighting.
    Yeah. This is looking very bad for Vince. The experts said it themselves, that since Vince doesn't have any more pro wrestling competition; WCW, ECW, ect.
    It will eventually die of. Remember a lot of view pro wrestling as a prime time show. Even great primetime shows come to a end ultimately. If the WWE kept the facade up that pro wrestling was real, then pro wrestling maybe wouldn't be close to it's death bed now.

    Pro wrestling article

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    Pro wrestling isn't going anywhere, ..c'mon.. and if anything it draws attention to MMA rather than competing with it.

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    Pro Wrestling is soap opera for men (apologies to Peter H and others who are pros). While it takes a lot of athletic ability, people keep tuning in because of the story angles/arcs, as well as the action. That's why heel/face turns are so popular. If it were all about the action in the ring, why would people care if a guy were a hero or a heel?

    It's a hybrid of full contact sport, a bikini contest, and days of our lives. That's as addictive as meth to a lot of people.

    MMA is pure sport. Yeah, there are some colorful people, but it's closer to boxing than wrestling.

    What I've noticed is that boxing is suffering as a sport lately. Some say it's because there isn't a real heavyweight contender with the personality of a Tyson, etc., but I think MMA has stolen much of it's thunder.

    I still like to watch boxing, but I'd rather watch UFC any day. Or is it just me?

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    We might see pro wrestling evolve again. Right now there's the three main types: American, which is all gloss and high-profile with plot twists and the like, Mexican, which is very acrobatic and uses some awesome aerial manuvers, and Japanese, which is really technical, using many of the same manuvers shootfighters and submission fighters use.

    It'd be interesting to see where it goes, but as it's already been said, it's too much of a money maker not to go somewhere.

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