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    having problem with my toe hold its when ur kimura the foot and with ur hands and twist it, do u just move the supporting arm and not move the arm holding the toe since that would only use strenght. I've seen it done two ways one with power, one with complete technique, I've gotten a lot smaller now, because of school and have not had time to train as much so i feel I have to learn from scratch again since i have to rely on complete technique.

    Ok i know u have to knee bent, but i though this move could come off the knee bar, so the foot does not always have to be bent right, I was wondering what techniques used in getting sucessful with this move.

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    figure four your arms damn you, and lean into it....heh.

    Go away I'm talking to myself

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    For one thing, that's not a toe-hold; what you're talking about is the ankle-lock.
    Like the Omega-man said, you have to figure-four your forearms, after holding the toe in your same-side hand (same side as the foot you're trapping), and sinking the heel deeply into the crook of your opposite-side elbow, then grip your same-side wrist below the toe using the opp.side hand, sink the hold, and twist your entire upper body in the direction oppoite the side you're applying the hold (i.e. if you've got the right foot, twist to the left). Make sure you have his legs stabilized with your legs, or else he can roll with it or stand up, kick you with his other leg, cross his feet etc.

    Shamrock tries to apply the ankle-lock with his fingers by applying the hold sloppily with no leverage-- Shamrock also always loses to someone who does it right or has more power. Don't be like Shamrock, he's a sham. I first tried to do it during a match the way Shamrock showed me, and it didn't apply enough pressure, while likewise the guy was able to slip out of the hold. Then a litle Brazilian guy showed me the proper way to do it (above), and now I don't even use it anymore since there's just no challenge.

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