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    Respond to what? That was a super ultra Team Venture necro.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobG View Post
    Not new...
    been a $$$$ sucker for a few years....just a new scam.

    The inclusion..of C/Religion - was implied by the back scam -trying to be more Templar than the Masons.

    Look into Masonic Templar and find the nice little collar insignia.

    Originally, Peterson had a fairly simple and direct idea... sort of an intensive RBSD thing. Better than nothing at interpersonal combatives. Like taching one person to punch and they can punch al their days - to one level or another. Few can ever be a Carlos alone gets in the way.

    Peterson got caught up in the $$$ and the devotion of his cadre...and marketing...I and many here have seen many do that - ****, there are kids to feed and most dont really mean to do that. All the smoke and mirrors and bells and whistles can fuc up a generic attacker...but it does take more to keep on the edge.

    BUT - those that become true believers often are easy to lead astray.....and once you interject another factor like religion or economics into the 'devoted community' - then we decend into the parameters of bullshido, very fast and easy.

    When I was in zen based arts -I saw some seekers that went into carrying dorje and vestments - but could not fight.

    When the 'art studied' was FMA - I say protective tats show up fast!

    Same for Tao-ist based arts.

    Same for ROC arts.

    Same for steet based arts.

    All de same...ALL de same. Trying to be 'closer my god to thee' with the big dog...or trying to find a comfortable form of faith.

    Well, this happens...and I am no one to judge.....Dammit, there are more important things for me to consider...and more important things for others to wonder about.

    Martial skill is based in work...and study...AND ACCEPTING NO ONES EXPERINCE NOR WORD AS YOUR PERSONAL LAW... it is based in YOUR experience and work and training. Anyone with a bit of time doing a free investigation - you KNOW you really do not care about where things that work for you come from - be it country, concept or religion.

    ALL you want to do?
    Is get your ass home safely!

    It took me awhile to understand that MMA/competitors are doing the same damn thing. They fight! In the ring!
    And seek the prize. Work their ass off for it.

    That should be is all about the venue of conflict.

    IF you box...and suddenly kick a guy in the head...your 'out'. But you did beat him - down. Valuable on the strret and a limited paradigm.

    IF you 'UFC' and bite a guys neck open - disqalified!

    BUT if you seek to get points in the street unhanded...and get hit with a car anttenae? Your out.

    It really is very deep and thick.
    I have danced this dance for over 40 years and still find amazing new understandings. I have no choice, really.

    One can not tap out on the full blown interpersonal combative more than one can keep from being disqualified if you bite someones eye in the ring. Both are fully valid in a full threatening situation (please situations change and you do not have to plathe 'legal game' - I am speaking beyond that limit....FULL fukin throw down.)

    One person goes does not ever go home again.

    BTW - I have seen some SCARS tapes...and after writting all above?

    They really do contain some effective movements...taken in context. Hard, fast and long as the attacker is not that trained and experienced. Systema exploits such folks does Krav and MT BJJ and a ton of other ways of getting your ass home safely.

    A roll of the dice and you have to deal with it, thing.

    Ya know? In America - there were very few calling out for MMA and cross training - back when I wore a younger mans clothes. Bruce Lee, Mike Stone, Joe Lewis, Ron Marchini, Lil John Davis, evn the joked about Chuck Norris....they had only a monthly printed venue source. (and I am missing a lot of names from back in the day). B.Belt and Official (?) Karate and Kung Fu mags..they were calling for where we are now...way before the web showed up.

    The Gracies..MT...FMA....and all that showed up on the web came a couple of decades later.

    Martial arts evolve...this must be to continue glow on the edge of the knife. Scars has some worth in contact context. A good not let the marketing fuc ya all depends on venue.

    Thyere are a lot of arts like that..I know. Because I I know things change - for I have been a part of 'change' over 40 years....

    You could have kicked the average ass of a bar fighter with basic shotokan - years ago. Bar fighers and street attackers change and are very in the now. When I got into corrections - almost 21 years ago - the incarcerated did not (overall) know how to blood choke...but some...NOW!

    Can triangle choke..pretty effectively.

    Back when this country _ America - faced the red coated britts with drums and pipes...we could snipoe em out. The fact that 'we' (in America) are free/ Because we hid behind plain clothes and sniped em out. We played dirty - to them. HELLO! Boston Tea Party!

    Interpersonal combatives change with new understandings and sharing of experiences....and to me - this is just one mandate of B/Shido>
    Fuckin Evolution and learning and sharing.

    And not losing ourselves to ANY - A-N-Y...any form of religious/social/political correctness.
    Go home safely.

    And teach your children well.

    Fire way...*sigh*.

    I know the post is 'too long'...and some cant keep up.
    And I am a moron who does not know anything about
    life and m.arts.

    Nope..I know no-thing at all!!!

    Hey Rob have not heard your e-voice for a while nice to hear it again, very nice.

    I like your analysis you speak for more than a few of us who have been around the block... amen about back in the day when a good reverse punch and front snap could hold sway. And in some strange ways? they still do. I mean what I don't see is a decent front snap or reverse type punch (no thaaaaaats not an oxymoron they do exist!) its like all the karate guys embraced kick boxing and left the proverbial stove on... then the invalads started bouncing up and down on their toes like the kick boxers and it screwed up both approaches... karate is not kick boxing and no matter it never will be.

    SCars analysis?I had the same exact thoughts frankly... to a T.

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