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    "This is one of the first time I'll disagree with Strong Machine."

    I'm afraid that I cannot allow that.Sorry.

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    If you want to e-mail me and ask me anything about SOmbo, I will be happy to respond, if I have the answer. My sombo is all sport, as I became involved with sombo while living overseas in the old Eastern Block, and practicing with the national team where I was living. But, I did judo with them as well (and yes my judo is now very Russian in practice.)

    Omega's post is good solid info. My involvment with American Sombo has been limited, as the organizations are in shambles, with a bunch of "he said she said."

    But, I am getting more involved with a select few as time goes on. I am happy to answer any questions I can, but would also suggest two other American Somboists who are stellar guys and very good technically, Stephen Koepfer and Brett Jacque. In addition, they are both very informed on the history of sombo and won't fill you full of Soviet style propaganda. My knowledge is more focused on the competitive/technical aspects. Brett and I were once talking and he summed it up nicley, "Sombo is about theory and angle, and arm bar is an arm bar." Now if you want info on Mongolian folk wrestling :) I have not only technical knowlegdge but historical info as well.

    Aaron Fields

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