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I had a friend that could work out for 2 hours and barely break a sweat, me? after 30 minutes I was sewating and breathing hard like a pornn star in a gang bang !
Same here. I was in class once and realized that the floor was spotted with drops of sweat all around me and one other guy. His gi was soaked through! We were going as hard as we could (and this was just the first 15 minutes of warm up and basic drills standing in line) while the rest were "going through the motions." Maybe it came from the Kyokushin attitude, I not sure as I'm not an expert like you!! :new_Llol:

Back to topic: It drives me nuts to cool off waiting in class. Lately I've been grabbing someone who's willing and do drills. The other night during the 'waits' we got through a bunch of roundhouses to each other's shoulders and some punch/defense stuff. I don't want to disturb the class and some n00bs probably shouldn't do this on their own, but I hate cooling off and being bored watching some n00b slowly do their rolls or whatever. But it's all in the attitude, just like most are wasting time chatting before class while wasting their time doing splits, a few of us are hitting the bags.