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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterKiller
    How do you block a low roundhouse with your arms?
    I guess when I wrote that I was thining in terms of waist level kicks. I suppose you could block with the arms all the time but in terms of lower kicks, it would probably be better to block with the leg (in addition to doing other things i.e. dodging, etc.) don't you think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterKiller
    Did it say he was a certified Shaolin master?

    For the record, an official Shaolin certificate should look like this:

    I, abbot Yong Xing, hereby certify that __________ is an authentic Shaolin master because he took some classes from some monks and passed the multiple-choice test.

    To be perfectly honest, I no longer remember, as it was a number of years ago that I saw it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lights Out
    At my gym, the kickboxing class goes right after the kung fu class.

    Sometimes I wrap my hands while peering at the kung fu class to take a look at what they do. Usually, at the end of the class the instructor yells "traditional sparring" or something like that and they begin to point-sparring, with throws and all, while jumping from one weird stance to another one. It looks more like a dance than a real fight. They seem to really have a good time figthing like that.

    Yesterday I was there taking alook at them with one of my kickboxing mates and he turned to me and said "what a weird way of fighting".
    Yawn. I've never heard a story like that before on this board... :icon_roll

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