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    there is a guy that posts on sherdog named "Fightgear UK"

    his signature shows the website is I dont know anything about his service or reputation though.

    Edit* Just to add, Ron at SSF has a stellar reputation on sherdog. Although I have not ordered from them yet, I would not hesitate to order from him at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SSF
    You can order a Nogi RG for $25 and shipping shouldn't be more the $8. Can you order the Wal-Mart one onleine and have it shipped to the UK?
    I've checked out the no gi ones, unfortunately the one I'd probably go for isn't in stock. I'm trying to get one rashguard that will cover both gi and no gi training. So I'm after long sleeve and preferably with some form of collar. Basically, this bad boy:

    Shame about the logo, but I would have to insist to my training partners that I am not showing off. ;-)

    I can't find anything on the site about international shipping either...

    Edit: also I get wierd errors on, like I can't browe rashguards (I follow the link to MMA, then click on rashguards further down the page) because it keeps bringing up a picture of some bloke telling me that my session timed out, and I should click on him to start a new one. It goes without saying that this happens everytime, so I get nowhere. I've tried IE and firefox to no avail.
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