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Thread: anconda choke

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    I used to land it early when I started rolling in my Judo class but they're all wise to it now, and it's doubly difficult with a gi on as it's easy for your partner to get your arms apart
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    I like that move, but I've only had success with it against smaller guys. My arms just aren't long enough...
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    When you can't reach you still have good sun chances.If you can't reach your palm to your bicep (your right bicep is into the left side of his neck)your left hand can grab your right wrist.
    Now drive into him, when he drives back in you pull guard.
    His right arm is across your belly.Once your legs around him you squeeze.It's a solid blood flow choke.
    OR you can go palm to palm, use your left elbow to drive his right elbow inward removing his base.
    You now aligator roll and you back arch over into mount or sidemount.
    The angle cranks and strangles him.
    Common wrestling move.
    I don't even reach for the anaconda choke.Even if you can reach it's just too easy to defend if you know how.And soince mino made it popular, good guys know how to defend it.

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