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    I have decided to try this routine. I recently started training with weights but don't really have a plan for how to do it. Right now work out three times a week training different parts of the body each day of the 3-day cycle but I'm not very comfortable with it so that's why I'm interested in trying this routine.
    I'm 178cm 74kg (won't you please embrace the wonders of the metric systems, america?). For my whole life I have been doing quite a lot of bodyweight exercises which has made me quite strong (I can do about 15 handstand pushups in one go). The only time I tried weight training I quit after two weeks because it was boring and I didn't have a goal to work towards. My goal now is to increase in both strength and mass, but mainly in strength.
    My first workout will be tomorrow and I will make sure to post results in this thread.

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    Sounds good Megalef :thumbsup: Put the results in the new one, this one's too full of garbage now.

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    I will try to do the same

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