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    Ok now that I got your attention(hope it did not offend ya)
    Ok my question which i have ask and nobody can give me an answer is this. I Remember that i seen a show on TLC about Shaolin Masters and some other Ancient martial arts, and this old guy shot a ball from his hand like a dragon ball z character and broke a vase, I thought this was fake but then i remember the show was on TLC. I have search the net and i have found is Called KI. Is this true, if yes are there any dvd or videos out there on this, any schools??? Can any of you do this??

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    Its called Chi (Ki is Japanese), no its not real.

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    Until anyone armed with a single shot musket fires the weapon at you, ala the Boxer Rebellion.

    But up until you get shot at, the Iron Robe technique is AWESOME for stopping bullets.

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    yes, this is possible, but it takes the highest level of mastery to do it....I doubt anyone on this forum is really that skilled. One forum member called "Asia" might have an idea how to do this: he watches a lot of Dragon ball Z i think...
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    What exactly DID happen at the Boxer Rebellion, anyway?

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    "Boxer Rebellion" is a misnomer, much like the US's so called "Revolutionary War".

    The Boxer Uprising pissed off too many European countries too early in the game. By killing a German official as soon as they got to the north capitol, they bit off more than they could chew.


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