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    It says on the LV combat site that they do Vale Tudo..

    If you do "Shoot Fighting" you'll be doing shoot wresling and mauy in one, though obviously you won't learn as much as much if u learnt them seperately, but you would leran some unque combinations, and ground n' pound.
    "Training = pain." - I said that.

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    Fatality dragon, you must be good at reading ppls lips or something eh?
    Just wondering how you know what people are sayng to you when they talk to you.
    Grappling classes are almost always laid back. You get to know and trust people when you're grappling with them, and you can respect them because sometimes they beat you, and sometimes you beat them.

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    Actually I am not good at reading person's lip. I can only read certain person lips. If they talk sloppy and fast then I will not understand it at all, but if they do it clearly and slowly I can figure out what they are saying.

    "I would rather admit I am a lousy student than say I am the best, because once you think you are the best, there is no reason to continue learning."
    I would pick bag work over masturbating, fighting over sex, and KOing someone over having a orgasm!

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