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    Dieting on the Job

    Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere, but my search turned up nothing about it, specifically.

    It has been said that the best way to diet for weight loss is to eat less, more often i.e. small meals every few hours. What do you do when you work at a 9-5 job that only allows eating during the alotted 1/2 hour? My GF works in the admin office of a condo community and she can't just be eating whenever she wants (suppose a resident saw *gasp* :rolleyes: ) Any suggestions?

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    Meal replacement bars, or tell the members to suck it up. I used to work valet at a Country Club and the members didn't like when we ate while we were up front doing PR. So being the prick I am I would constantly ask to do PR and constantly be eating something. That's probably why I am such a fatass.

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    I work retail, so I'm lucky enough that I can eat, as so long as there are no customers around. Unfortunately, those bastards pop up a lot, so you have to learn to speed-eat. The main problem with food where I am is that it's all junkfood, at that garbage is just too tempting. I usually try to much down a meal replacement bar of some sort instead.
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    When I worked on the sales floor, I think I either had a energy or meal replacement bar in my pocket. I would sneak quarter-bites when hungry. Or at my washroom break. Breaks.
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    If you are in that situation then all you can do is eat during your lunch break.

    Make sure you have a good breakfast, have a good lunch during your 30 min break and try to squeeze in a snack before training. Followed by dinner after training when you get home.

    It sucks you can't leave your desk and get something to eat when you want so if you can only eat at lunch time...so be it. Sometimes you can only do so much.
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