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    If you want muscle mass to grow, i.e get bigger and stronger. You need to lift a high weight but do low repititions. No moe than 6 reps. If you want to get toned, lift a light weight but doing alot of repititions no more than 20. Thats as far as weights go.

    Lifting weights are fine but they won't make you any fitter asfar as endurance and stamina goes and lifting weights does not improve your martial arts skills. DO you get much of a workout in your martial arts class ?

    Anyway for fitness and endurance just work the heavy bag for 30 mins at a time. Or do more running. As far as cardio fitness goes thats as good as you can get.
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    Swimming and/or calisthenics overall will develop strength, endurance, flexibility, and everything else overall. As said before, I've never seen a swimmer who wasn't in excellent shape and calisthenics will add some muscle as well as enhancing your endurance and definition.

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