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    OK, alot of you know I love Tai Chi, but based on discussions on this board I am doing alot of reading and research in BJJ that I had not done before. One thing that is impressive is the way the Gracie's, for example, keep refining theire style. With that said, do see them incorporating more striking as strikers start to develop counters for what they have hereto brought to MA? If so, what strikes. I would think mostly strikes from boxing and maybe knees. I don't see kicks even lick the Muay Thai roundhouse. Bas Rutten had a discussion on Sherdog where he even implied shying away from this kick because he found it to easily countered.

    Your thoughts.

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    I think Wallid did a better job in evolving BBJ than the Gracies did. The Gracies got too arrogant and stopped developing for a period of time and Wallid kicked their butts.

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    The thai kick is used effective;y in MMA all the time: in fact you'll probabaly see it used to great, if not to more subtle effect in every UFC (just for example.) Like UFC 40? Roundhouse kick KO by Liddell, another guy setup his pucnhes with roundhouses, beating his opponent.

    BJJ "evolves" in different ways, according to the people who are trying to make it even more effcient. Like there is a greater triking regime in BJJ than there ever has been I think..
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