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    Argh. I didn't like Tekken. Though the invisible dinosaurs were kinda cool...


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    I am Tekken.

    Let me add to this as to not spam.

    50 push up
    50 ninja push up
    30 horse push up
    30 diamond push up
    10 tiger claws push up

    50 upper cruncher
    50 cruncher
    30 twister (per side)
    30 chinese sit up
    I've deleted the ones that I'm totally clear on. FD, can you explain the ones above? I have some guesses but I'd rather be sure that I have a good idea.

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    Mines pretty simple. I don't weight lift much or alot so it every other day except on weekends.
    I do curls (45 adding bar, trying to do 65 but can't yet) till I can't move my arms then work my legs till I gain feeling back into my arms and energy to do push ups.
    Which is like 30 push ups I know its weak but You have to start some where.
    Then sit ups like 60-100.
    I finish off with has many pull ups has I can do.
    I need to do more but waiting for chance to do that, hoping to get a bench soon which will help tons.

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    Weight Training
    I think running naked through a mall helps endurance. Also try sprint races with cops.


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    LMAO Piz, you must have the best endurance that world ever saw. I would run FAST if I was naked and running from the cops lol.

    Ken Oh to answer your question:

    push up - a regular push up

    ninja push up - like regular push up but done with your arm as close to your side as possible

    horse push up - do a push up with fists on ground instead of palm

    diamond push up - AKA military push up

    tiger claws push up - push up on very tip of all of fingers

    upper cruncher - a cruncher that excrises upper abdomen

    cruncher - a modern way of doing sit up (raise only upper back off ground, not whole back)

    twister - a cruncher, with one foot on knee of oposite leg and arm on same side of knee spread on ground for support. You move up and twist, try to touch your opposite knee in the air with your elbow.

    chinese sit up - a sit up where you do cruncher and curl your legs as you go up then straighten your legs as you move back.

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    Hey Boyd, a good way to work out is to work out any body part that is not tired. Best way to do this is by trying different exercices to find out which works out which. Always work out the body as a unit by not overtraining any area and strengthening any area that can use it. Always switch your exercices to shock the body. This will help build your overall muscle endurance. If you want to gain more strength or definition in a certain area, simply stick with a few exercices that target that area and do it more often.


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    Ok you shouldn't be wanting to do 100 situps in a row the point is the strengthen them, you should do weighted situps.

    This will be much more effective. Also you should only work one group of muslces a day, like upperbody or break it up into a 3 day split.
    I'll make one when I can find one I like.

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    4) Repeat.

    I swear that's how I did it!


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