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    Ki Sanctuary "Secret Document"

    <img src="">

    I'm Matt from; I happened to come across a "secret" ki transformation document for the infamous Chrono of the Ki Sanctuary. Enjoy!


    <center><img src=""></center>

    <i>Here are steps you MUST TAKE FOR BEGINNINERS:

    1. Do stretches to stretch arms, legs, groin, back and all muscle groups.

    2. Do warm ups like jumping jacks or whatnot to get the heart pumping.

    3. Tai Chi Shou Gong (or substitute with some balancing energy excercises.)

    4. Draw Ki in and Power to your maximum using your own methods.

    5. Transformations in order listed is recommended.

    6. Repeat Step 3 as needed.

    7. Training; use your power immediately in some physical or mental excercises.

    8. If you get tired repeat from step 3. When powering up, visualise tree roots
    going from your feet and into the ground, giving you perfect balance and
    absorbing ki.

    Transformations do not replace combat skill or experience in the Martial Arts.
    Just remember that...
    ************************************************** *************
    Power ups and Transformations


    Ying - Positive
    Yang - Negative
    ************************************************** *************

    Energy Empowerment

    This is the basic energy power up. First you need to gather mana. (If you don't know how to do this or have troubles go to or for tips). Continue gathering mana until your stomach or body feels like it is "full".

    A brief easy way to do this is visualise billions of tiny glowing stars as ki pulling into
    your dan tien and other important chakras or simply visualise it storing and filling every atom of your body. Breathe in always by pressing the tongue against the back of the top front teeth, inhaling in the nostrils, then out by the mouth, resting the tongue. Use the diaphragm to breathe, and do not do clavicular breathing; as you inhale your stomach goes out, and as you exhale your
    stomach draws in unconsciously if you breathe right.

    You should now feel strong tingling; clench your fists firmly and do a loud 3-second long Kiah, while at the same time visualise your breathing and power carrying energy to every part of your body. This is used for providing temporary increase in reflexes, speed, and giving you the emotional fuel you need for combat. If you use anger it is a "Negative" power up. To do a "Positive" power up you need to do the same visualisations, except no anger or yelling, just picture your mind like water and the ki circulating fluidly. For the Kiah part you can simply breathe out or hiss as they do in Judo Kai Martial Arts. This is more effective because it allows you to think clearly. Remember not to tense too hard but tense as you feel energy flowing; pace breathing and continue.

    Try hissing loudly if you cannot yell, the hissing will make the ki flow almost solid in the areas you want it. Your face may turn red or feel bloated, this is normal. 'Move' this red bloat to the other areas of the body while hissing. But be careful not to hyperventilate; there is a difference
    in breathing and then hyperventilating.

    Kaio Ken

    This technique is named after a Dragonball Z technique; but DBZ was not the first time it was used. It is an actual technique that multiplies speed and energy. In Greek the word Kaio means 'Burning.' And in Japanese, it means "Fist of Kaio." Unlike most Power Ups it can be done after a normal power up, multiplying the speed and energy capacity by the number you choose. Doing this before a transformation is very effective.

    First draw in mana, drawing in only pink (or red) fire or heat type mana. Visualise it spreading from your dan tien filling every single atom in your body in a searing hot flaming aura, vibrant,
    brilliant and illuminous. You should then feel body temperature rise and sometimes after extended periods the skin turns red. Yell "Kaio Ken!" (kie <as in pie> -o- kinn) Then think in your mind, "times 1." Then yell and do a power up. Start out with one and if repeating then go to "times 2." Do not go over x2 till you get the hang of it and are comfortable with it.

    Super Kaio Ken

    Same as above , but do not attempt this until you can at least go to Kaio ken x10 or x15. Simply start out at Kaioken x1, then x2, then x4 (if you're advanced you can start at 4), x8, x16, and the highest I have achieved is x32 and once x256. Use extreme caution. This can cause serious burnout headaches if overused.

    *Note on transformations:

    You can start out on any level, but Dragon, Omnicron and Combined Form as well as True Superhuman are the hardest. It is recommended to start practicing Werewolf until you get the hang of it then move to the next. Do not go from level one to level 2, unlike Kaio Ken the levels can be skipped.

    If you master a transformation your most powerful transformation you mastered will be automatically done at its maximum power when adrenaline is triggered.

    Ultra Kaio Ken x3000

    This is an interesting power up that you can perform after mastering all the transformations and works like a charm. First do all the Kaio Ken visualisation, except visualise yourself having three auras; they should be like pillars of flame rising from the earth as you power up, and gold and red energy. One aura is in the middle going through your body and chakras, and should be gold; the other two erupt on both sides of you and around you like red flames. Yell out, "Ultra----Kaioken----Three Thousand!..." and do the power up breathing as usual. It is very quick and can be done at the bottom transformations.

    Tidal Force

    This is a generic all-purpose power up that is very flexible and
    can be stacked just like Kaioken or even used with it. Take a firm and solid
    fighting stance. From here have your hands open and the palms facing towards
    the ground.

    In Karate power comes from the open hand. Remember this. Now
    visualise all your energy from your head going down to the center of your body
    and then all the energy from you feet meeting in the same spot simultaneously.

    Breathe as usual and let it charge; then flex your muscles, and hold your fists
    firm, and breathe out in a continuous kiah at whatever volume you feel is very

    This is one of the few power ups that can get a huge visual or even supernatural
    affect such as ball lightning in your aura; do not let it scare you because you must
    realise you are in complete and total control, nothing can harm you.

    Level One : Werewolf

    Unique attributes: May enhance your five senses as well as stimulate growth of muscle mass and bones, and even hair and fingernails. Also your DNA changes a bit over time.
    Signs may include hair growth, having your hairs meet to form one eyebrow, and craving red meats. This is normal and healthy.

    For First-Timers:

    If you aren't in a state of rage think of something that absolutely enfuriates you. Do paced breathing but breathe a bit hard to stimulate adrenaline and shen (spirit), as well as pump-up your heart-rate. Clench your fists. Visualise black hair growing all over your body. Visualise your teeth growing long and sharp, visualise your muscles firming up and bulking, and then visualise yourself getting taller. Then do an Energy Empowerment. As you get better you will not have to get angry; you just concentrate a bit as doing a power up.

    Special Ability includes boosts in testosterone and adrenaline type power rush, and temporary supreme mobility boosts. Over time you will not need to focus too much, and the form will come simply by willing it to do so.

    This transformation will boost your energy on the scale randomly 2 times normal.

    Level Two : Angel

    Unique attributes: You get all the advantages of Werewolf, except your strength does not increase as much and reflexes are higher. Hair growth is not common and usually only on the head, usually no bodily hair besides on the head. However this will not make you lose hair. It requires extreme control and this is harder for beginners in the Martial Arts since rage was the easiest; if you master angel on your first time you are truely gifted.

    First of all this requires no anger or heavy breathing. Simply start out by gathering mana, and when you have enough do an Energy Empowerment, while visualising white armor over your whole body, shielding you from any form of attacks.

    Then visualise on your back six wings, burning with fire of a color of your choice. Finally visualise a holy flaming sword in your hand, it helps to visualise your arms or punches as swords. Finally finish the ying power up. This is harder, and many students wimp out on this because they lack self-control and discipline.

    Special Ability includes a supreme boost in control of cryokinetic and pyrokinetic ability as well as shield and psi boosts.

    This transformation will boost your energy on the scale 2 times normal in offensive strength and 4 times in protective strength.

    Level Three: Dragon

    (Job 41:1-34 Leviathan reference; for visualisation if you happen to have a Bible handy.)

    Unique attributes: This one gives you an extreme boost of speed, strength and any other fighting abilities, but depending on how you use it determines what it boosts the most and will weaken in other areas boosted. Sometimes its boost effects are random. Also eventually toughens the skin in the muscle groups used the most.

    First of all you need to be in an enraged state and do the same breathing as Werewolf. Then visualise your skin turning hard and scaley, preferably red colored, but if this is against your beliefs any color of dragons will do. For a good visualisation think of a T-Rex.

    Visualise your eyes becoming like a snake's eyes. Visualise muscles bulking, and fists growing huge with claws as well as feet, and razor sharp teeth, as you breathe visualise smoke and fire coming from your mouth and nostrils. Then visualise yourself growing 10 times your height with wings growing out of your back and a tail. Do a yang power up to finish it off. As you get better you will not have to get angry; you just concentrate a bit.

    Special ability includes balance, increase in the close combat type, and hardening of the bones and keratin in the teeth and fingernails. Also expect eye colors to change often in this stage as
    with many of these due to adrenaline. Visualisations are more powerful than most people may
    think and can affect you over time, always remember to meditate and stay balanced in all your

    This transformation will boost your energy on the scale randomly 6 to 8 times normal.

    Level 4: Omnicron

    Unique attributes: Highest boost of all anger transformations, this boosts everything pretty much equally. Can be powered higher by higher levels of anger but you lose more control as you put more anger into it. It represents a being made of crystal flesh.

    Do not put too much anger into this one or you may seriously hurt someone in a blind rage. Also found that it can spring out at odd times during any emotional stress. Use caution please!

    Do the same breathing methods for the Dragon Form.

    Visualise your skin turning into hard, black, diamond flesh.

    Visualise your diamond skin as unbreakable.

    Visualise your strength as if you could tear even a mountain in half with ease.

    Visualise yourself gaining speed of light, and can simply rush forward as all the cosmos bowed down to you, and helped you.

    Finish by powering up using a power up but yell in a kiah while in this raging transformation. This transformation's effects actually depends on your intentions.

    As you get better you will not have to get angry; but keep in mind, it can consume LOTS of ki. Some forms must be practiced continually in order for them not to be a waste when going up the levels in order.

    Special Ability includes unknown random powers, such as strange automatic moves that are hard to control. Telekinesis and other things are likely to occur sometimes randomly as well.

    This transformation will boost your energy on the scale 16 times normal.

    Level 5: Pegasus

    (Job 39:9-22 Unicorn reference; for visualisation)

    Unique attributes: Higher boost than angel, retains the calm state in angel but also gives a boost in recovering energy and more of a defense boost than angel. Regeneration and a white aura are common effects of extended use. One of the "healthier" transformations. Also be careful when trying to use this with the Lion Transformations
    because a Lion and Pegasus are naturally enemies.

    Start with a power up, while doing it visualise yourself turning into a Holy pale white Unicorn with huge angelic wings with a beautiful and yet gargantuan wingspan.

    Visualise your body's muscle system like a Unicorn's: this includes visualising arms as legs (you can still punch of dont have to walk on all 4's.) 'Grow' a tail and finish the transformation.

    Special Ability includes boosting in speed, mobility, and regeneration/recovery from pain by concentrating on that particular spot. Also may increase leg muscle groups and neck muscle.

    Level 6: Combined Form

    Unique attributes: Highest form. Has all abilities from all transformations but is the most energy exhausting one.

    This is a way you can combine different transformations; simply do a transformation of your choice, and then another immediately afterwards. This is very flexible but be careful. Remember what you think about while transforming changes you in many ways and even though it seems harmless, even after returning to normal you may experience side-effects. Try keeping a journal to record your progression and strange things that may happen.

    Level 7: True Superhuman

    Unique attributes: Depends on how it is performed.

    If you mastered all the above, this will be activated when engaged in combat, except you will not tire out as fast or even have to do the visualisations. You get the full advantages of each and every level plus some I have not yet discovered.

    The trick is muscle memory. After transforming, take time to 'reverse' the transformation and you will stay at Werewolf a while, or the stage you first attempted when transforming.

    You may get cravings for red meats as in Werewolf, do not resist them. Your body must replenish a lot of chemicals after this sometimes.

    Level 8: Lion

    Unique attributes: This is the Pegasus' enemy. It is not recommended combining
    transformations with Pegasus and Lion. Lion seems to be a more emotional and
    negative version of Pegasus. Lion gives you incredible power as well, and like
    Omnicron has many unexplored abilities. The visualisations used below may be
    found offensive or disturbing to some. Please read with care.

    As with true superhuman, everything must be mastered. Visualise yourself suddenly happening onto a huge battlefield.

    Your friends, family, animals, and anything you ever loved, lie at your feet dead, tore to pieces in the most brutal and evil manner, murdered by barbaric serial killers.

    There is blood everywhere, flesh scattered about; the entrails and organs of all types lie stabbed and left whole, if not in half. You will see then someone's skull, and then next to it, the face that once was on it.

    The ground is a barren wasteland, all plantlife killed by the stench and horrible plague. There is no hope, no way you can win. Nobody there to love you, cheer you. Only you and the killers that did this wicked act survived, and the cold, dusty ground with a yellow sky, seeing that the smoke and fumes polluted everything, as if evil literally was in the air.

    Suddenly you feel despair. You will feel sick at your stomach, but let the feeling rise and spread up and about, no matter how painful. Then, you talk out loud in a shakey voice, something like this:

    "No....why did this have to happen?"

    " gone, dead...."

    "I loved them, they were innocent people..."

    "Even if I die, I must try to fight for my cause!"



    You feel the strange sensations changing and morphing you into an
    incredible power beyond anything anyone could comprehend. You
    are no longer scared, because wether you win or lose doesn't matter,
    as long as you show them that they did wrong.

    You ball your fists like mighty Gaius Hammers ready to punish the evil, your body stands in front of the dead bodies of innocent men, women and children you loved, ready to avenge their blood and those of the innocent people. You stand alone...

    The killer(s) did not care. They would have killed the very person that created them, their own family, and if they could, God Himself. They know what they do is wrong and could care less if there was a universe or reality.

    Suddenly, your sick feeling turns into soul strength! The strength of all who died as if they were suddenly giving their power to cheer you one last time from the afterlife--the billions of billions of people you loved, some you never even knew, you remember how they must have felt before they died. The villains would have laughed as if they heard a joke! Those evil doers are insane!

    The energy fills your entireity, without even forcing or directing it. It is so abundant it makes your eyes feel as if they could look at someone and knock them down by simply your penetrating stare, or that you could jump 100 feet in the sky and land like a bomb, pushing back anything in the vicinity.

    You are like a Mighty Lion, with flowing, silky hair, tough skin, and sharp claws and teeth. You have speed beyond light and time, power beyond even angels; your power is so great, before you even want something or even enters your brain as a thought, it already comes to you.

    Your energy is so great, if you do not release it in continuous attacks and breathing faster than a tornado, you will die yourself!

    Now, release it-your aura. It will explode forth, and flex your muscles tightly and firmly. Change your face to an anger expression, like a wolf growling, ready to defend its life. Yell and roar in high and low pitches, holding it as long as your breathing permits without losing oxygen. Finally, relax your breathing normal, but not so normal as to where you lose this stage.

    Try not to change your natural pitch as this is unhealthy. This permanently damages the Throat Chakara and Lungs so be smart.

    Relax the muscles, but keep your hands by your side, posture comfortable, and teeth pressed, breathing through your teeth, eyes wide open and narrow eyebrows with rage. Your eyes flame. Veins come forth from your skin from muscle mass and bloodflow.

    This is the final, and omega, transformation of transformations. The ultimate stage, and hardest to perfect. This is so exhausting after it wears off, so if you are at this stage, use it, and use it quickly; there is no turning back, and restraining this will weaken you almost permanently. If done correctly, after it is over, you will be awake, but can only stay at a normal vibe; you are at your normal, maximum stage. Bringing it out again requires memorization of this feeling, so this is why it is hard.

    Special Ability includes superb jumping height, and even the ability to double-jump if you transform while jumping into the air. However it requires perfection of timing and balance of your pure energy.

    Level 9: Super Saiyajin

    Unique attributes: Can be done from almost any stage but with unknown affect.
    Saiyans have little healing ability but all fighting abilities are supreme; a Saiyan
    has their power increase after any battle, even if they lose. As they heal from a
    near fatal injury and recover completely their power increases. Also, a pure blood
    Saiyan's hair never changes from their birth.

    This is an ability a man tried to teach me once, but I completely disregarded it as rediculous and fairy-tale. What I found when I tried it astounded me: anybody that can shapeshift past these levels can do this powerful transformation similar to the Lion (beyond the beyond.)

    In fact, I consider it a powered-up Lion, but much more than so. First of all this relies on power at first, much like the lion. Afterwards when at lion stage you can simply focus power into it and 'flash' into this form.

    On the anime, Saiyans were a race just like the humans that lived in peace. They did not become a warrior-race until one day an evil tyrant named Frieza, of a race known as the Changlings, decided to take them over and use them to destroy entire planets and sell the land for money.

    Frieza knew the Saiyajin race would be a threat, as they, like humans, scheme and have great willpower to never give up. Frieza killed the entire homeplanet of the Saiyijins and was eventually killed by one of the last survivors of the pure blooded-Saiyijins.

    Visualise your skin growing from its current color, slowly to the shade of gold, then to the shade of white light as the Morning Star.

    The color in your eyes fades as the black center shrinks until not visible; then your eyes are pale white, reforming slowly into a green-gem color, flashing blue to green.

    Your hair, from this immense ki buildup, is standing on end, glowing and flowing like fiery gold, yet immovable like the rest of your body. No part of your body is vulnerable; even if your eyeball got hit it would hurt no more than being hit in the arm. Your aura grows golden-yellow, signaling the dan-tien to release your hidden potential as you hiss the sound of your aura.

    Feel the tingling sensations in your spine as your hair and body get goosebumps, this is part
    of the ki building up within you.

    Level 10: Ascended Saiyijin

    Unique attributes: Saiyans, if trained properly, can ascend in power. Usually from the normal Super Saiyan stage, if one is further despaired their energy can increase yet even
    again with proper training.

    This is much like powering into Super Saiyijin form again, except you are already at this stage. Your hair stands up, this time neater as a column of spiked diamond shards.

    Your eyes now burn cyan-blue brighter than the seven seas under a full sunny day, and your stare grows even more solid on the face, as if frozen in a burning rage, never blinking and not even moving the mouth when talking, but not stiff.

    Huge circular dots are within your aura that dance about like fireflies,
    darting to the left and right all around your every part, looking like swirling lightning, and the aura is rising in so many shells that it creates a 3-D spikey look. Your eyebrows stay curved down and ears perked at all times, as if ready to take on all your enemies.

    Level 11: Super Saiyan Three

    Unique attributes: Shoulder muscles and sometimes form can be enhanced, but only if you take the time to think. This is excellent for training purposes but also good in combat if you can control it. The effects can be random and unbalanced if you do not do it correctly.

    You have had enough! Your inner rage has got you so ticked, you simply want to do something about it. So you take it up a notch.

    Do not think about it, do not analyze. Just do it. "I will do it, when I do it," You tell yourself.

    This is simple: Say you are sick and do not feel like taking out the garbage. It seems so simple, but you just absolutely do not see it possible. So, it only gets done when it gets done, no thinking to it.

    With this said, you just go uphill from here, ascending the ladders of power to beyond the limits you were supposed to have, at the same time making room to get even stronger.

    Your hair grows down your back, flowing as a sage's white hair, signifying his strength in young days and wisdom in the old. Your eyes grow so solid that you have a stare that could 'pierce a brick wall.' You are a hero and a mythical legend of defending innocent lives and protector of Light and Justice. Only those who do this with pure good intent can truely realise the Super Saiyan Levels.

    Your skull is shaping like a helmet, with an exo-skeleton bulging out the eyebrows, both protecting the eyes as well as the skull. The nose even points out just a bit, the cartilage within the nose hardening to a point the nose cannot be bent. The jaw is so firm that it is like a clamp; nobody but the person that has the clamp can release or open it, so nobody can hurt your jaw. Your arms, legs, torso, everything is protected by an extra layer of aura that goes over the body, clothes, and even the hair and outer auras which may all change pigments in colour from the ki.

    Visualise your entire existance echoing and shouting as you power-up, as if letting the entire universe real or not, " I AM HERE!! "

    Super Saiyan Infinite

    Unique attributes: At this stage your blood vessels sometimes feel as if they bulge and your blood pressure rises so much veins may be felt all over the body. Be careful because this is a mysterious, dangerous twist on the Saiyan levels.

    The Universe trembles at the thought. "How could there be a level beyond even the Super Saiyan 3? It is impossible."

    There are in fact three more levels after this but for the sake of everyone's safety the Holy of Holy transformations belongs only to the ones it is chosen to perform.

    At Super Saiyan Infinite, you have had a major loss in family. Perhaps a wife died or a girlfriend at the hands of another man, or something extreme.

    You cry to the point that you weep. Your body bleeds almost as Stigmata from the intense sorrow and sadness. You even think of giving up with such despair!

    But then something flickers in you like a lightning bolt struck. You somehow reverse this emotion to extreme desire for revenge and justice for the injustice received! The murderer has not respect of human life, not even his own.

    You begin to power up but may feel straining. But you just keep going even though you feel you are going to burst. You visualise the center of your soul suddenly spinning showing your void, birth, life, and death all in a flash of one chaotic light, and then you feel power so great you can go almost One WHOLE hour without even tiring and never stopping to breathe, punching, kicking, blocking to perfection.

    You are a star that never goes out, a light that is outshined by none other; you are immovable like Reality; Reality cannot be changed and those that defy Reality are crushed!

    You power up but you do not visualise anything but Power itself. The change brought about is different for all. You may see an aura of rainbow, you may have an extreme surge of power so great you could power up and the electricity in the house goes out.

    You do not even have to think hard at all to make what you wish to happen, happen; as long as it is pure good. You will avenge your beloved and make things better no matter what it takes, yet your intelligence and wisdom increase so that you can control every atom in your body to do your will...

    Ying/Yang Balance: Final Notes

    I learned the importance of warming up , stretching, and Tai Chi the hard way. Also, I have found if you absorb mana, visualise it white and pure holy, Super Kaio Ken x2, warm up, yang power up, then Super Kaio Ken x4, and finally do a ying power up, it balances your ying and yang, and emulates level 7. So I have found relying on ying or yang too much is not healthy.

    You may try this any way you like, so long as you balance out your ability in all areas.


    Q: Do you update this Document?

    A: Yes. Email me at [email protected] with the subject, "Transformations."

    Q: Someone has modified, changed, or claimed credit for this document. What should
    I do?

    A: Report them to Chrono, which is me, [email protected] immediately.

    Q: Why are the transformations feeling weaker lately, I used to be able to do them so well but now they seem as if they are numbed to my body.

    A: This could be several things but I can only give you a list of possible things; this is why I ask people to keep a journal because I am constantly trying to find solutions to
    problems people may experience.

    Here is a small list of possible causes:

    1) You added or took away a step. The smallest error in any part of it can totally throw you off.

    2) You may find it hard to visualise things, because everyone's brain works differently. It is hard to describe illustration in text, which is why some animes are involved in the visualisation processes.

    3) You may not be breathing correctly.

    4) You may be on some medicine or illegal drugs, over-the-counter medicines; anything similar, or illnesses, can mess you up. Anything like drugs, alcohol, can mess you up badly.

    5) You may be in burn-out. Take a break and rest sometimes. Also doing this right after eating foods or drinking fluids heavily you may throw up.

    Q: Is this stuff real?

    A: Yes. Many people do not believe in this simply because it sounds fantastic. But maybe that is a good thing; for the sake of many people that could be hurt by fighters that would use this for selfish reasons, perhaps people not believing can be a good thing.

    Q: I feel dizzy! Am I using this stuff the right way? What do I do now?

    A: Rest up or do some stretching; your transformations are not meant for you to just sit and stand there, use them and be creative, experiment with them as long as you do not use evil visualisations like dark colored energy such as black. Try using these techniques to win a basketball game, maybe at the gym lifting weights, swimming, punching a punching bag. Their main purpose is Martial Arts training but is not limited to just that one thing.

    Q: The Kaioken techniques are just-not-working, OR, this technique used to work but no longer gives the power rushes I used to get so easily. Why?! WHY!? WHY!!?!?

    A: Kaioken is excellent at first and so are the weaker transformations. As you train in them, the individual forms become stronger as you too become strong; in time it takes much longer to tap these to their full strength, so you must learn patience to train as long as it takes to get it right. Sometimes it can take hours of hard training, but if you quit you will never get the power you need. Work hard for your strength, and if that is not enough go beyond even your best!

    Q: How do I use these strange senses or abilities within the transformations, like Werewolf having super smelling and hearing, and Angel having natural psionic skills? And where could I find more info on all this ki stuff?

    A: These techniques still have to be learned and developed. A baby is not born knowing how to walk, but is very capable of doing such; so are we, we are all able to become strong, but we just need to be taught. Careful what resources you use on the internet because there are a lot of crooks out there to get money and attention; be careful who you trust for teachings as well. I do not wish to toot my own horn too much here but you may wish to start with my site or some affiliated sites.

    Also keep in mind the practices in here are not something every single Martial Artist
    will agree with; many have separated viewpoints and styles, and many people even in these communities fight with each other; but as for the Ki Sanctuary, we stand in the path to help others, we are always open to corrections that are proven to be on solid grounds, and we also hope to one day unite the Martial Arts and Mystical Arts communities at peace with each other.

    May God bless all of you.

    -Chrono </i>


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    I would like to meet any followers of this Ki Sanctuary. Of course, it's a well-known fact that Super Nerds are extremely hard to find on the outside. Only possible place would be the electronics store, but now with buying over the internet, it is impossible to find them. Going to their Den is impossible too, since over the years they have learned to blend in with their surroundings. :(


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    Ned is correct.

    I am 'enfuriated' at this.
    Is anyone else also imagining becoming a T-rex with wings on the back now? angry wings! With tree trunk roots coming out my feet. Red tree trunks. Trunks.
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    When I first saw Ki Sanctuary, the only guy who didn't sound like total bullshit was Kendamu (he was the one who pointed out bullshido to me, btw). I tried (and failed) to discuss the ONLY book on Ki I have ever found that wasn't totally full of **** (Ki and the Martial Arts, by Kenji Tomitsu if you care). Ken seemed to spend an awful lot of his time trying to get delusional teenagers off his site.

    I am very surprised that he is associated with this KiWarrior idiot. It sickens me, actually, that I spent any time reading that forum at all.

    What can I say? I wasn't able to separate fact from bullshido very well until I got here.

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    This guy needs serious professional help.

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    Hell yeah! Hell no!
    Or a boot to the forehead.
    And that's when I figured out that tears couldn't make somebody who was dead alive again. There's another thing to learn about tears, they can't make somebody who doesn't love you any more love you again. It's the same with prayers. I wonder how much of their lives people waste crying and praying to God. If you ask me, the devil makes more sense than God does. I can at least see why people would want him around. It's good to have somebody to blame for the bad stuff they do. Maybe God's there because people get scared of all the bad stuff they do. They figure that God and the Devil are always playing this game of tug-of-war game with them. And they never know which side they're gonna wind up on. I guess that tug-of-war idea explains how sometimes, even when people try to do something good, it still turns out bad.

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    Q: Is this stuff real?

    A: Yes. Many people do not believe in this simply because it sounds fantastic. But maybe that is a good thing; for the sake of many people that could be hurt by fighters that would use this for selfish reasons, perhaps people not believing can be a good thing.
    If too many people knew about it, he would have been institutionalized already.

    That "Saiyan" stuff leads me to almost believe that this is some elaborate hoax. But no one can make those videos AND be kidding at the same time. How would they keep their face straight? Acting skill like that does not exist.

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