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    Pat, I was a bouncer for three hours before I had to put my hands on someone. Course, it was another, *offduty* bouncer's fault for picking a fight with them. I get back from walking the first guy down the stairs, and my boss is like, "Now we're gonna walk Paul out..."

    I would have done the same thing if I felt too hasseled in the bathroom. Crazy, unstable people are not good to get in situations with, and it sounds like it was a *very* small room.

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    Yeah well just perhaps I was being a bit aloof, judgmental, superior, condescending, and a BIG PRICK in my attitude, I wasn't there and Omega later mentioned that the guy invaded his space.

    I didn't mean that bouncers like the guy I know, Fred who teaches ma, never used force or didn't have his hands on people a lot, he just never used strikes, mostly he talked, and used locks, throws, and once at least choke out.

    The last story the idiot "cop" deserved a pounding, he was aggressive and physical (and a jerk).

    Where you at in big wide wonderful Wyoming? I'm a an hour or two from Evanston.
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    Omega you are my hero.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightstrike
    Omega you are my hero.
    I dunno...he sounds kinda sissy to me. :sad2:
    Mr Politically Correct GIJoe6186:
    Fat people disgust me in every way imaginable. I was at Freindly's with my girl tonight and saw a bunch of fat fuckers. I felt sorry for the pavement they were killing and the people who had to see them. .

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    My god man, in working through all the seemingly important/funny topics (like any noob should), this one is better than a party-sized keg-o-gerbils, it takes the cake.


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    The l33t wrist lock, hilarious -- it's funny that all this **** happens to you Omega, nobody else would be able to recount their own tales as good as you can
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    My wife started to get beyond angry. I finally deemed the situation too dangerous and noticed that he was driving a truck with very little pickup (no pun intended) so I weave past the guy wave by and snake on to the next freeway entrance. The still angry person decided to catch up to me and forced me over to the side. "Go kick his ass" my wife said.
    That's how they become known as your "first wife." Jesus.

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    I haven't been putting any omegenisms down because now most of the incedents that I've gotten into have more to do with my job and security rather than the occassional stupid person running into the wrong person. Not to mention I haven't had the time. I'm going to start putting some stories down of fights that never panned out but were humerous none the less. :

    August 2001
    I was doing "Fiesta" security ( a local celebration where the entire city shuts down for 5 days for one gigantic party) and all kinds of crazies come out. I was actually security for one of the local restaraunts and had a line to go in around the corner. This young man was talking "trash" to his friends and then he looks at me after stating to his friends "watch what I mean"

    Him: Dude have you ever heard of the UFC?
    Me: Yeah I've heard of it..
    Him: Tell my friends what the UFC is.
    Brief explanation...
    Him: So you would agree that BJJ is the bomb.
    Me: It's okay it's not for me though.
    Him: Yeah but they win all the fights...
    Me: Actually these days it's the wrestlers winning the fights and the strikers are making a comeback...
    Him: Yeah but a white belt in BJJ will take a blackbelt in any style. Like my cousin has a BB in Taekwondo do you know anybody who has a blackbelt in TKD?
    Me: Yeah, I do...
    Him: oh, that's cool man I didn't mean to bag on you, TKD cool if you like it but I just started BJJ a few months ago and I know for sure I'd be able to take out a BB blackbelt.
    Me: That might be true for most TKD blackbelts but you might run into the wrong one.
    Him: I'm not trying to put you down man but you can't seriously think that a TKD blackbelt could win against a BJJ guy.
    Me: Dude you haven't been practicing long enough to make that boast.
    Him: This is the way it would work if you and I matched up I would take you down and it would be over.
    Me: (blank look on face) You train at ................. don't you?
    Him: Yeah! You've heard of it, see so you know it's no joke.
    Me: You'd never be able to take me down.
    Him: That's what all you TKD guys say but when I get you down that's it.
    Me: Even if you got me down you'd have to keep me down, you really don't understand what you're getting yourself into.
    Him: You know about my gym and you know about my instructor, he asked me to be on his competition team so he knows I'm good so I know what I'm talking about.
    Me: I'll tell you what, how about if I show up to your gym and you can show me what you're talking about and you can beat the crap out of me....

    At this point his cousin walks up. His cousin and I used to fight full contact together. We laugh up a storm I tell him what his cousin said and he laughs his ass off. He asked me how much I revealed and I said all I stated was that I had a blackbelt in TKD. He shook his head and told him to apologize to me. I told him I was going down to his school so he could prove his point.

    Long story short I show up to his school early morning next week during the competition team's practice.

    His instructor: He "Omega" what you doing here my friend?
    Me: One of your new guys challenged me to a fight so I said I'd come down and he could show me up in front of everybody.
    Him: Who said this my friend I teach him a lesson.
    Me: I can handle if it's okay I think the kid will come to his sense.
    I then describe the kid in detail and all the blue and purple belts start busting up laughing. Then he comes in. I look at him.
    Me: Remember me.
    Him: Kinda who are you?
    Me: Remember the restaraunt, TKD blackbelt you're going to take me down?
    Him: Dude, I didn't think you'd actually show up.
    Random blue belt: Dude are you stupid do you know who this is.
    Bluebelt #2: Nice knowing you dude.
    Instructor: Now you must stand up for yourself you want to fight my friend here I let him if you want to get hurt. You should talk so much now what you say?
    Him: I don't get it I thought he was just a blackbelt in TKD.
    Me: Actually I'm a MMA fighter, open style grappling competitor who just so happens to have a BB in TKD. So did you still want to do this.
    Him: you took it all wrong man..
    Me: this is the part where you just swallow your pride an apologize and I accept and be on my way my friend.
    Him: yeah man it's cool and all.
    Me: I know your cousin man and I'm not going to beat on you just learn to chill in the future man.

    After a few more pleasantries I left no incident, the kid quit about 3 months later. His cousin and I are still friends and that BJJ instructor just did a seminar for me 4 weeks ago.

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    Verbal anti-grappling.
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    LOL, that's classic. A lot of BJJ guys I run into to a T.
    Tough is not how you act, tough is how you train.

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