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    Do you actually know how much protein you should be eating? If you work out 3-5 days a week for more than an hour you should be eating YOUR BODY WEIGHT IN GRAMS OF PROTEIN. I have a hypothyroid condition, so I'm supposed to be eating lean protein till it comes out of my ears, too. It's nearly impossible to get the needed amount of protein without supplements.

    I ocasionally dabble in ephedra/caffeine mix pills, mostly to stay awake and warm at about hour 14 of my 15-20 hour work days.

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    I take protein shakes and a multi-vitamin but that's all.

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    Straight out of the can or in sandwhich form?
    I prefer to eat straight out of the can, creeps the hell out of my friends which is always fun.
    Always right out of the can. I often eat it with ramen noodles to help it get down (use chopsticks to get the tuna out easier too).

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    >When you're through with the junk-science, you might want to learn that the human body can't metabolize protein intake of more than 15% of total calories consumed; anything more than this goes to fat, dehydrates you, and strains your kidneys.

    Dan is right. But it also depended on your metabolism, type and intensity of workout, and KNOWING your supplements. Just because it says PROTEIN doesn't mean you are getting a good deal. you may be getting very little protein and alot of FILLER. Also your goals. If you are trying to gain weight you obviously have to take in more calories than you burn, but you want LEAN mass so DIET is important. If you want to lose weight the opposite is true, but diet is still important.
    <BLOCKQUOTE id=quote>quote:
    Actually the main thing is CALORIES; as I mentioned, no more than 15% of these should come from proteins; the rest should be from carbs and fats. "Dr. Quack-tins Diet" aside, If you consume more than 15% of your calories from proteins, you'll only get problems.

    Here's another little-kown secret: men should consume at least 30% of their calories from fats, or else testosterone levels drop; that's why men on low-fat diets look (and act) like Leo DeCaprio or Richard Simmons.
    I don't go into minerals because if you are eating properly, which most pple don't, then you don't need them.
    <hr height=1 noshade id=quote></BLOCKQUOTE id=quote></font id=quote>

    You need minerals one way or another; there aren't many diets which provide the mineral amounts I mentioned; likewise most food is grown on depleted soil (since they profit by volume, not food quality), and most people drink de-mineralized (i.e. city) water; I've seen dogs eating sand and babies eating paint-chips because they're so minerally deficient.
    Unlike vitamins, plants and animals cannot manufacture minerals, so they have to come from somewhere; when you see a food listed as containing a certain amount of minerals per serving, there's no way of knowing this, since food will often grow just as well with or without minerals, as long as the soil is properly aerated and nitrated (with fertilizer) etc.

    For this reason, mineral tablets are the best way to make sure; likewise, there's really no danger in taking too much, so the amounts I mentioned are a form of "cheap insurance."

    As for vitamins, it's hard to get those from any diet while remaining in your calorie regimen as well, and there's no harm in taking a regular supplement-- but I'm talking 100% USRDA three times daily, NOT Flintstone's Chewables!

    However, anything more than this will cause problems as well.

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    According to the USDA, someone on a 2000 calorie diet should be eating 50g of protein a day(non-athlete diet). If you are an athlete(we all are here) you should be eating 1.2 to 1.4 grams per kilogram of body weight. People that do endurance sports, like running, should have more protein than people that lift. In addition, if you are trying to get big, there's no need to overload yourself with protein, as a diet high in protein(1.7-2 g/kg body weight) has never been shown to aid in building muscle.

    As for vitamins, if you take too much of the fat soluble vitamins A D E and K, you could be creating a dangerous situation for yourself.

    Just so you know, taking too much of the water soluble vitamins does NOTHING for you. You'll just put extra stress on your urinary system. The RDA values have included factors for how much you absorb, and how much you need.

    I sure am glad I took this Diet and Health class this semester...

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    damn thats alot of tuna.

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    I dont know about this supplement stuff. I think I got my parathyroid tumor from taking that stuff. Even PeeDee got sick from taking supplements. If I recall correctly he got kidney stones from taking the creatine stuff for a year. I took that stuff as well and also L-glutamine and protein whey. Now I have to go in for surgery. Be careful guys!

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    Look into the research when you are thinking about taking something.

    The MOST IMPORTANT POINT you should be looking for is:

    Does the benefit you got while you were on the supplement remain after you stop taking it.

    Whether or not glutamine, creatine or any other supplement work, there is no point in taking them if you will go back to (eg) normal size, normal recovery, etc after you've stopped taking them.

    They are just a crutch. Nothing more.
    Unless your looking to compete, and your income relies on the fact you are better than someone else at a specific moment, then these supplements aren't worth it.

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    damn thats alot of tuna.
    You have to remember it's 1.2 grams per kilogram (1 kg = 2.2 lbs)

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    >You need minerals one way or another; there aren't many diets which provide the mineral amounts I mentioned

    Didn't say that you didn't need minerals but that you should get them from your diet. And before popping pill one should get an idea of what they need. (ie Go se a physican before adding supps to your diet)

    >In addition, if you are trying to get big, there's no need to overload yourself with protein, as a diet high in protein(1.7-2 g/kg body weight) has never been shown to aid in building muscle.

    That is one of the misconception. The protein is more for REPAIR than growth.

    > If I recall correctly he got kidney stones from taking the creatine stuff for a year

    That is one problem right there. Stuff like Creatine, Ripped Fuel, Hydroxycut, etc are NOT supposed to be take on a constant basis. It even tell you that on the bottles. And if you are taking any of these definite increase your water intake. Plus ther are other side effects to worry about.

    >They are just a crutch. Nothing more.

    That is why they are called SUPPLEMENTS they are to supplement what you are defecient in.

    If you look at almost ANY one it, especially the 'performance enhancers', it will say something like:

    These statements have not been evalutead by the FDA. This product was not designed to treat, diagnose or cure any disease.

    Something to think about.

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