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    Quote Originally Posted by Nip Kicks

    JKD Rocks!

    In a real fight Bruce would've kicked Ken's ass (who trains with Inosanto student Erik Paulson).

    Ask 'Judo' Gene La Bell about Bruce Lee's grappling. He used to have a quote on his website.

    Inosanto is a Black belt in Machado JuJitsu but has always been an excellant ground fighter/instructor since long before I ever started. Once again ask 'Judo' Gene.

    Movie jkd is - movie jkd. What Bruce explored off screen was way more interesting. Real science. Many of Bruce's early students were already reputable street fighters, some of whom also happened to be some of the top conventional martial artists and athletes of the era. No paper tigers.

    Hey, if you're happy doing your own thing - cooool. Just like music, there are a handful of self-taught wonders - just not too many. Sometimes it helps to learn a few cover tunes before you start writing your own songs.

    I've been doing my own thing for a long time, too. I'm also a student of Jeet Kune Do Concepts. Oh, I still do my own thing - just better!

    The tradition is evolution.
    You revived a 3 year old thread to be a nut rider. Congrats!
    You're a scrapper, I like that."-Ronin69

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    "Who here does JKD?"

    I think half of Bullshido have metaphorically done him if you look at the responses to his last two posts......

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