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    Just a thought, with all the TKD bashing going on, do you think that you all could take on and beat champions like Steven Lopez.

    And I know this sounds stupid, but what do you as an individual dislike about TKD?

    Also techniques do you like from TKD (footwork, Kicks, etc).

    This is for a survey I'm taking.

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    I had a black belt in TKD when I was 19, and trained in Michigan under a Korean instructor who taught the Green Berets and could break bricks with his the tip of his index-finger, so I do know some things about it; he used to hold me up by my collar while teaching me things like the side-kick and jump-kick etc, and was an all-around great guy. As for what I specifically don't like about it, however:

    TKD was developed for pre-gun armed combat, which means that you'd be facing someone who is wearing heavy gear and moving slow. Some other things are:

    1. It's almost all striking, not enough grappling etc.
    2. The kicks are all rear-legged-- kicks are slow enough, so limiting yourself to rear-legged kicks makes them almost useless.
    3. That stupid corkscrew-punch-- not very effective compared to boxing-punches.
    4. The "Kia" is a singing telegraph.
    5. All the moves are contained in patterns, or "hyungs," which I don't like for reasons I've mentioned earlier, from conditioned reflexes to reduced reaction-time.

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    The kicks are not all rear legged, although yes, most are.

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    I assume we are all aware that some top TKD guys are in really good condition with much experiance.

    But it seems the majority have laughably slow kicks that can be seen (read intepreted) far ahead of time and are stopped with a punch to the face.

    Today I sparred with some ex-TKD and current TKD guys in my WC TC. Some kicks hit and hurt but I was able to catch and counterattack most of them.

    All to their own.

    (I also don't like the black belt factories that "some" (coughTKDcough) styles are known for.)

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