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    I think there is a BIG mixup in the definition of: What is a Traditional Martial Art? Or a Modern Martial Art? Or a Sport?

    To tell u the truth im confused sometimes with these terms...
    For Example:
    Kung Fu is a traditional Martial art.
    Karate (most systems) is a traditional MA.
    Kick-boxing is a sport-(for me)
    Muay-Thai is a traditional MA.
    TKD is a traditional MA that became a sport in the process.
    JUDO the same.
    BJJ is a Modern MA (For me) that tends on becoming a sport.
    Boxing is a Sport.
    Shootfighting is a Mix of MA striking-ground fighting-a modern MA.
    What is JKD???
    Kali Escrima is a Traditional MA, but i heard that there are some teachers that teach it in combination with more tehniques so it can be considered kinda Modern wright? ...hmmm
    PANKRATION today is the name of an Event not a Sport not an MA.
    Wrestling (freestyle-Greco Roman) is a Sport.

    But sometimes these terms confuses me!

    What r your thoughts on the Subject?

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    you prety much said all there is to say.

    the world you live in is just a sugar coated toping. beneath it is another world. The real world. and to survive there you must learn to pull the trigger!!!-Blade

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    To me, something being a "traditional martial art" has nothing to do with it's age. It has more to do with the nature of the instruction and reason for existing. One normally does not train in a TMA for sport. It is usually a matter of cultural preservation.

    The same applies to being a "sport martial art". A few examples would be 'American' boxing, 'Greco-Roman' wrestling, freestyle wrestling, French boxing, kickboxing, and MT boxing. One normally trains in it to compete in a sports venue. One does not train in it for cultural reasons.

    As for "modern"... perhaps if you are talking about "modern combatives", like WWI/WWII combatives, SCARS, PFSJKD, Army or Marine combatives, etc.... Those are arts that have nothing to do with sport or tradition. One normally undertakes study in them ONLY for combat.

    There is another classification such as "historical combatives". This would be the study of ancient fighting methods purely for their combative value. There is some overlap with "traditional martial arts", but the focus is on combat, not preservation of cultural heritage. They are not necessarily practical, however. Navaja/bowie knife methods have never died off and are eminently practical, but they cannot be classified as being modern. On the other hand, German longsword methods can be classified as being combative, but not necessarily practical... unless there is a significant change in weapon carry laws. :D

    Not everything fits neatly, but such classifications work pretty well. For instance, FMAs would be considered traditional martial arts, but the Dog Brothers' art (FMA derived) is more of a historical combative.

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    Jeet Kune Do would be considered a modern martia lart, since they don't train for sport and aren't traditional. It is soley for self defence.

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    I agree good posts. Hmm... Are there any JKD tournaments how does these guys compete? Some say that Wrestling is an MA but i disagree(Greco-roman and Freestyle), but what about Pro-Wrestling? Or submission-Wrestling? Lots of names deferent terms...huh.

    Bjj Grappler: Most of MA are tought for self defence and many teachers like TKD teachers are teaching selfdefence, also i done selfdefence in BJJ. Karate and Kenpo has lots of self defence tehniques.

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    BJJ Grappler:

    I wouldn't call Jeet Kune Do an art. It's more of a philosophy or approach to studying martial arts. It was and still is applied for both combatives and sport. Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do is a traditional martial art because its purpose to preserve the fighting methods of Bruce Lee as he taught them. The only JKD people that regularly compete in MMA events, are the Straight Blast Gym guys. There are other that have members that compete, but the SBG guys, as whole, actually focus on competing.


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