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    "There is nothing wrong with kung fu. What's wrong are the instructors today! Find a good qualified (with proper lineage) instructer and you will see that there is a lot of good in some Kung Fu styles."


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    JacksonFAILLE Flor-i-duh
    It is possible to make money and still teach something adequate. Though, I fear it may end up being high-priced and only catering to a minority...

    <Me> John, what do you know about Zen Buddhism? <John> *smacks me*
    <John> I'd have to smack you sometime...
    Katana, on 540 kicks: "Hang from a ceiling fan with both hands. Flail your feet out and ask people to walk into you as you hit their face."

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    Taiji quan yang style ("cheng fu" and "lu chan"
    You made a vague reference to kung fu being an art that consists entirely of super-duper mauling attacks that are so badass you'd be put in front of a UN War Crimes tribunal for crimes against humanity should you ever be forced to use them, i.e. Muay Thai's "Tiger Genocide" technique. You then failed to support that with any proof. Brandeissansoo, I believe that there are extremely effective moves in kung-fu, but I'd like to know what makes kung-fu a KILLING art, as he said, and not a "knock you unconscious" art. And furthermore, I'd like to know the difference between the two.
    Come on THINK instead and rushing agressively !
    First my references are vague only because i'm no expert. My experience is limited only to chinese boxing. Nobody on these threads knows the exact truth ! The whole thing is a part of a searching process !
    Second, don't forget that traditionnal techniques of chinese boxing were originaly used during the medieval and feodal times of the history. Which means that the most common citizen was protected only by the law of the talion (I assume, I'm not 300 years old !!!) : So if you were to be attacked it means that you had to defend your LIFE kill or be killed no rules no rings no judgement (for the commoners anyway).
    Third one won't use his techniques unless really threatened to death because he wouldn't want to end up in jail ,I already expressed this idea but in a different way in the thread isn't it ?? So I can't give you the proofs you need. I add that my teacher when he explains the moves never speaks about knocking out but to "dispose of the oponent" I take it as I like and my intention during practicing the moves is to hurt as big as I can, not to knock out. I only try to see further than my nose and not to get stuck in the competitive process (I intend to be fit when I reach the old age, not break myself because of my ego...)
    Fourth if you make a reference to the famous death points touch/dim-mak thinggy I've never spoken of it and leave that to experts in TCM.
    You wanted me to explain you why chinese boxing move would kill sharp and clean ? Well go check yourself good luck !
    Did I answer your questions ??

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