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    I love practicing dirty boxing, Works real well on everyone.
    Plays well with my grappling.

    For those who dont know what dirty boxing is.

    It is where you use little tricks added with boxing that Gives it the nick name Dirty boxing, Like clinching a opponents head with one hand wal the other deals hook after hook.

    Key examples of dirty boxing in the ufc, I dont rember the names of all the fighters who use it but alot do.

    Like Don Frye and others.

    What do you think of it.

    I love it.
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    I was under the impression that dirty boxing is what IGBJJ does when he practices his striking...

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    Sounds like "trapping" to me.

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    >I love practicing dirty boxing, Works real well on everyone

    So you like BREAKING the rules and think its COOL. Of course it going to work UNTIL you find someone who is used to dirty tricks and will make you pay for it.

    And it wouldn't be considered 'dirty' boxing in the UFC unless there wer rules against it. Last I checked holding someone in a clinch and pounding on the was allowed.

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    Sounds like standard sparring to me, well I train for real conbat so I am not comfortable with the word " rules ".

    Of course this hurts, after all it is not basket weaving.
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    Judo-kid sounds very ignorant to me. Wake up! Wake UP! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

    here's one more, you throw a punch and I'll duck it and hit you back! COOL!

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    Rumor has it there's this one move where you take your shin and swing it in an upward motion to a dim make point somewhere between a guy's legs. Heard it's used quite extensively by hooligans in northern Europe and urban China.

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    lol. Dirty boxing works great on people not expecting it.
    I really wish Judo Kid would take Judo out of his name...
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    "Dirty Boxing" is just a name for striking with punches while in the clinch, if it makes you feel better you can call it "attached striking". Its not illegal in MMA competitions, its name indicates that its just a set of boxing tactics, that are illegal under current boxing regulations.
    Jens Pulver, and most of the Militich guys are very good at this skill. Its something that they work very hard at. Its a good skill to have as it both frustrates your opponent and creates openings to takedown or throw.

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