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    KC Elbows
    Eventually, the goal is clearly to get inside info from present instructors, but that takes serious, serious work when you're talking about a closed social group like this. However, once you have enough former instructors, it can be done.

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    Kc elbows,

    Thanks for the advice. I actually did a bit of calling around to their different schools. I didnt actually get to talk to anyone but three of teh answering machines gave the name of different schools. I looked on their web site and two of the schools I called are no longer on there. I only have their number because I have an old brochure. Mabye I can get a hold of one of them.

    Also, I poke around on the internet a bit. shows that soem guy named bok man kim is the Jungyea Moosul founders father. I found this on him:
    apparently he has created a new style himself. Now I always understtod that family was imporatant in the asian culture. How come father and son seem to be doing different things? Hmm.. It also say he was some kind of TKD bigshot and that he trained a style called To-San. Ever heard of it? Anyway, it looks like Jungyae Moosul is just a fancy TKD.

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    Hello all -
    I thought this might be interesting to the people here. Before I posted on Bullshido (and got some info on Jungyae Moosul)I had sent some e-mails to Jungyae Moosul to try and find out class times and prices. I don't really check that e-mail address as often as I would like (damn you work!), anyway... here is the last response I got:

    Hi John,

    No, I'm sorry, when you join a Jungyae Moosul Academy, it doesn't mean you can train at any of them. The North Seattle Academy will be closing as of August 2003, so you are welcome to train there for now, but unfortunately, I don't believe the lease will be renewed.The Issaquah Academy is no longer affiliated with us, so if that is where your working, it is no longer Jungyae. Most Academies are open on Saturday's for one class, (they all vary time wise) so if your calling on Saturday, your time frame is about an hour or so.
    Again I am not a lot of help on the pricing, they all vary as well. Each Academy runs their own classes and pricing..they are not all the same.Our Kirkland, Woodinville and Mukilteo Academy all do private lessons as well as group, and all of the instructors work within odd schedule times. As you can tell there is no set schedule, or pricing, all Academies are different. I am sorry, I seem to be no help at all, but all I can suggest is trying to call each Academy. Everyone is open until about 9:30 every evening. (of course if they are teaching class, they will not be able to answer the phone!)
    I wish I was of more help to you.

    - I did remove the person's name just as a privacy thing. If you look at their web site you will see (as of 2-18-03) that both the Issaquah and North Seattle schools are still listed. So with what quizno6 said above, what does that make 4 or 5 school gone from this system? Nothing other to add really, just thought this would be of interest.

    I am so done.

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    lobo san,
    Aint that something.
    I decided to call around to thier different schools and ask them questions. None of them had anything really intersting to say, EXCEPT the school in Missouri. They seemed to answer all of the questions a bit different and had a few things to say that seemed a bit like bullshitish to me. These are a few of the things i was told that sent the red flags up.
    1. I was told that the World Jungyae Moosul Federation was now in its 13th generation. BULLSHIT! Their history says that Kim only started working on JUngyae Moosul in 1986. How in the hell do you go through 13 generations in only 16 years. A lot of older and ligetimate styles such as Tai Chi are only in their 20 something generations. They also said you had to be a federation for at least 5 years to be considered a true martial arts federation. ????
    2. They said their founder lived in hong kong for 12 years but doesnt teach any kung fu. Did he just not bother to learn it while he was there?
    3. They said the instructor who founded the missouri school was now in newyork training at the shaolin temple and that he came back every so often to show and video tape what he has learned so they can teach it.
    4. They said that there are only 5 sambo black belts in the USA and that they have hired one of them to teach sambo there two nights a week. I think it would be great to learn sambo, but isn't Jungyae Moosul suposed to be a complete martail art that contains grappling? Why have they hired a sambo instructor.
    5. They said the only real contribution to martial arts that the chinese have made was they separation of hard, soft and medium styles of martial arts. Then why do they have someone learning shaolin kung fu for them? I hardly think this is the only real contribution?
    6. They also said (after I asked to come watch a class) that while their style looks hard and rigid like TKD they also teach weapons as a way of showing the soft aspect. Does this seem a little off to you?

    Again, they wouldnt give prices on the phone. I had to go through an interview first. Pretty standard for these guys.

    Keep at em Lobo san

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