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    Hey Varg how ya doing?

    I don't consider myself to be a BIG guy. Compared to my family I am a runt.
    I'm 6' 215lbs my normal way hovers around 226 but I cut weight to wrestle in a lighter brackett. I would have been the SMALLEST guy if I stayed 226 the next guy to me was 250 and the rest went for 270 to 300!!! Now submission grappling is much easier than wrestling so if it was submission I wouldn't mind but in a wrestling match these guy would have killed me.

    When I fight smaller guys (submission) I am very careful. Smaller guys tend to be more technical because they can't match strenght. As long as the little guy doesn't fall into common misconceptions they tend to do alright. For instance SPEED many pple think BIG = slow well I amd the fastest guy on both my wrestling and boxing team and I've met guys faster than me and are bigger as well.

    Vargas is right that big guys tend to gas faster. BUT AGAING don't bank on that there are exceptions to every rule. This can also be a danger if the big guys stamina is not up he is going to try to end the fight/match guickly. In boxing that means his killer shots are going to be launched repeatedly and early. If he has good ring strategy (ie knows how to gut the guy off and throw of his rythm) you will get caught flat footed and eating shots.

    When I fight bigger guys I am a patient person. I perfer to let you open up and then counter attack. I will press the attack if I know I have a distint advantage like speed or reach.

    One not so glamourous moments I had against a bigger guy was a SPECOPS guy in Kosovo. We squared off and I took his leg. Leg locks are my specality, again like varg said BIG TARGET AREA, I took him dow and had an ankle lock in and I had my legs wrapped around his trying to crank it. Well he had legs the size of tree trunks and he stood up and shuck me off. This in front of a gym full of onlookers did wonders for my self esteem. But James did tire quickly and I was able to submit him with onikudaki/kimura.

    Sometimes the bigger guy may be more FLUFF that PUFF, meaning you looks big and strong but he is just BIG. Got matched up with a guy who was 20lbs heavier and tried to muscle me around. Turned out I was stronger and he sat on his ass hard. Flipped side I tried muscling some and I got sent soaring.

    Yarbrough had a class jaw that is why he when down. Most KOs result from blows to the chin shock sent back to the Medula and places havoc on the body. If the person doesn't have a strong chin then it is quite possible for them to go down now matter how big.

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    wow asia you are 70-80 pounds heavier than me, at the same height, time to work on building muscle


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    Yeah I'm 6'1" 260 pounds. I enjoy when people assume that since I'm big I can't be quick or flexible. The whole challenge is to try to practice as your opposite. Most big guys tend to be the aggresor so I work a lot on my foot work, blocks, and counter attacks. Many big men tend to be more planted in one spot so I force myself to move around more. I must admit that once I start to get gassed I revert to the typical big man tactics though. :)

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