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    depending on how bad he pissed me off.....

    if I had the upper hand I'd go for the sub because it'd be good practice for me

    if I did not have the upper hand, I'd probably go for the ground and pound and then go back to trying for a sub, preferably a choke

    but then again, who knows? Maybe I'd just stand back up and soccer kick him in the head
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    whichever one he leaves open except probably not 5

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronin69
    All of the above.
    Depends on my mood, the opponent, the enviroment, the REASON for the fight.
    Too many variables to pick just one.
    Exactly... size difference, skill difference, environment, reason for fight, intoxication/sobriety, etc. etc.

    Plus, I've done almost all of this on the street (not #5) and I have had mixed results so that plays a huge factor. Example... Submissions in a real street fight, tried 'em when I was "green" and have had bad results. That's why I commented on what does one expect the result of a sub to be?
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    I'd say if you can't get out of guard, GnP to set up better positioing or subs. So even if your subs fail, you can always fall back in GnP.

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